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The Planet Depot, Inc. / PLANETDEPO

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The Planet Depot exists to aid anyone – from the DIY terraformer to the professional colonization expert with the supplies and know-how to get the job done. Our business is your success and your success is our future. Contact an associate today!


A History in the Making

In 2944, The Planet Depot founders set out with the goal of providing premier service to the verse. From humble beginnings in the Stanton system, CEO Toller Lewtras initiated the Planet Depot, Inc. and set out to provide excellent career opportunities with the PD’s unique profit-sharing plans.

2950 – The Planet Depot Emerges

It was six years later, in 2950, that The Planet Depot first truly began taking form. Finding an opportunity when the Stanton system became stable enough to support corporate growth secondary to its primary-reigning corporate bodies, Toller set out to begin expansion in order to realize the goals The Planet Depot set out for all those years ago.

CEO Toller Lewtras fortuitously discovered many great minds along the stellar highways of 2950. He found Simon R. – a mercenary working out of Yela – purportedly prospecting the land. A man with a redacted name and probably a history to match, Simon may not have been the first choice for some, but Toller saw promise. It didn’t take long for that promise to be made manifest as the new associate quickly became recognized as the first associate that was not a founder to become a full member of the Planet Depot Board of Directors.

As the organization continued searching the system for talent, the Board came across a couple of talented brother-engineers in the employ of Origin Jumpworks working out of the frozen planet microTech. Undoubtedly their experience as engineers would make them valuable additions to The Planet Depot team, but true to the mission of the organization itself – both found their own paths within the organization.

The younger brother – Jake Steinman – discovered a fearless fascination with all things security, rapidly developing skills as one of the organization’s top fighter pilots and – coupled with an innate intuition for The Planet Depot’s core values and a knack for leadership – became one of the organization’s first Security Division Managers. Jake continued on to not only support the organization and his older brother, Jaack, but also the system. Pursuing the Stanton System’s security through cooperative efforts with Hurston Security and Crusader, Jake solidified his image in the mind of the organization and locale as a pillar of protection, strength and compassion.

Jaack L. Steinman, the senior brother, also ended up finding prosperity in The Planet Depot in his own way. Having also come from an engineering background, Jaack desired to follow in the footsteps of his parents, the late Ivar and Jeanette Steinman who were both lead-engineers involved in the production of the 890 Jump, 300-Series, and M50 Interceptor. Jaack eventually proved his commercial prowess to The Planet Depot and became one of the organization’s first Commerce Division Managers. Though, his hard work was not limited to personal ambition alone. In fact, Jaack Steinman would become 2950’s top recruiter, second only to CEO and Founder Toller Lewtras – and on pace to surpass the CEO’s charismatic recruitment in the coming year.

Later in 2950, a mandatory journey to attend to unsettled business in far-away systems ultimately led to the early resignation from the board by Simon R., but the associates of the Planet Depot look forward to the day this talented man of mysterious origin returns to the fold.

Rapidly, key members began forming under The Planet Depot’s banner and so too did an era of prosperity begin for the organization. Now, in 2951, The Planet Depot seeks to continue growing with the ultimate aim of formally establishing its commerce and security divisions. These divisions are two key aspects of the planned quaternity of divisional strength to allow The Planet Depot to stand strong and self-sufficient, but also to better deliver on its goals of existing to be able to provide anyone with the right supplies and know-how to get the job done.


Service Excellence and Dominant Presence

The Planet Depot, Inc. is set to become one of the verse’s premier mercantile organizations with the goal to be able to provide the right product to the right consumer. It provides an inclusive organization that promotes the freedom of it’s associates to be able to express themselves and feel welcome in a respectful and wholesome environment.

We are currently welcoming members to fill the following positions:

  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Supply
  • Security/Escort


All Planet Depot members are expected to acknowledge and abide by the expectations set forth in the organization’s behavioral guidelines. A comprehensive list of guidelines is provided all Planet Depot associates in their onboarding and is available in the organization’s literature.

Aside from the procedural guidelines (that will not be enumerated here) there is one definitive policy that recruit-aspirants should be aware of, and that is the Rule #1 of Planet Depot, Inc.

That is the expectation that all Planet Depot associates behave themselves respectfully and politely when interacting with organization members and the larger community.