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Valkyrie Security and Logistics / PMCVALK

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“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” (George S. Patton)

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“My first run with VSAL was from Centauri to Elysium, three years ago. Hi-Sec, but it was a vice run. My usual security contractor had recently been wiped, and I knew this was a risk. Untested org, right? Well, when the pirates showed, it’s safe to say they didn’t get any cargo.”

-Amry Essain, Free Trader

In Gemma, Elysium IV, on December 5, 2941, Valkyrie Security and Logistics was officially chartered and founded. Originally run out of a garage in the fringes of recolonized Gemma and running personal security services in the area, it became a starfaring private military company on its anniversary four years later in December 5, 2945.


Current C-Suite and Board

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer



Current Branches


Commissioned scouting runs, personnel security from Hi-Sec to Null, auxiliary flight wing support, we do it all. Quant-message QuackerCracker to learn more.


From Hades to Gemma, we have a small but solid reputation of well-protected and timely cargo runs. Our stock of Freelancers and Cutlass’ are dedicated to protecting your cargo from any rogue citizens, and on razor-thin margins.


We run one of the most tightly-held businesses outside of Terra, and as a result you can be sure of complete confidentiality and responses from VSAL personnel of corresponding rank faster than your drive will spool.1

Please read our manifesto to learn about how to contract or apply for membership.

1 Guarantee not applicable to jump drives model year 2943 and later or quantum drives model year 2918 and later.


Services Provided

Valkyrie Security and Logistics© provides the manpower and machinery to ensure the smoothest and fastest transportation from one point to the next. With a lineup of modern ships and fierce pilots, we’re here to help ensure the safety of both you and your goods, whatever they may be.

We can be contracted for a low fee in the Elysium, Centauri, Kabal, and Idris systems for caravan security, base defense, scouting and cargo hauling by contacting our Contracting Executive, QuackerCracker. Special contract requests can also be made in the same way. We do not accept privateering contracts at this time.

Joining VSAL

Contact anyone on our board to apply to join our fast-growing and efficient company, and find your first contract as fast as we get them!


Penned and Approved by the Valkyrie Security and Logistics Executive Board

Valkyrie Security and Logistics, abbreviated VSAL
QuackerCracker, Devland99, Hohenzollern
November 28, 2947

Mission Statement

To meet the highest standards in the fields of freelancing and security by leveraging resources to improve civilian, commercial and military supply networks and defense systems, and to ensure the speedy completion of contracts.

Company Bylaws and Guidelines

  1. Bylaws
    1. Demonstration of good commercial ethics is necessary to be considered for promotion within the company. Failure to complete contracts taken or to listen to the instructions of superiors will result in demotion or expulsion.
    2. Membership within Valkyrie Security and Logistics requires it to be the primary affiliated organization of members above the lowest level. Failure to do so will result in demotion.
    3. The Board will consist, as of the drafting of this charter, of the Advertising Executive, Contracting Executive, and General Manager. Further roles can be created at will by consensus of all current board members.
  2. Guidelines
    1. Deliver reliable, on-time products and services to contracted customers.
    2. The company recommendation is to Listen, Think, and Deliver when taking contracts.
    3. Investments into the company will result in returns in the future. Generally, you “get what you give”.
    4. Promotion of other organizations before ours will be frowned upon.
    5. Commitment is viewed favorably for possible promotion.