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Pillars of Elysium / POELYSIUM

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What are we? Who are these people? What is this place? We are the Pillars of Elysium, the joint protectors of the Elysium system. We aim to safeguard Human and Tevarin interests from any threat that may come upon our system and its citizens. Join today to be a part of our syndicate!!


Pillars of Elysium History Timeline

- Founding of settlement on Vosca.
- The order called the “Protectorate” is created by the leaders of the houses to protect Elysium.

- House Fox, founded by Harlin Fox, stays on Vosca.
- House Fountas, founded by Matthias Fountas, splits from other houses to protect Jalan.
- House Caldian, founded by Cayne Caldian, splits from other houses to protect Elysium II.

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[ ] Lore
[ ] 2550-2904
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- The ‘Protectorate’ is phased out and is replaced with the ‘Pillars of Elysium’
- The idea is passed across the house heads, Fox and Fountas are the two to accept initially.

- After 2 years, ‘The Pillars Initiative’ is enacted by Fox as a means to unite the houses once again which turns the old houses into Pillars under the Pillars of Elysium.
- The ‘Treaty of the Protectorate’ is written up as a set of ideals, responsibilities, and rules that each house must follow if they are to become a Pillar

- Fox creates the Pillar of Orion and bestows the responsibility of holding and upholding the ‘Treaty of the Protectorate’ upon his Pillar, followed by Fountas creating the Pillar of Fountas.
- ‘Pillar of Orion’, Enforcer of Elysium
-‘Pillar of Fountas’, Spear of Elysium

[ Current Events ]


The Protectorates’ Call
From the Clouds of Elysium I to the ice caps of Elysium V, we aim to safeguard Human and Tevarin interests in the system of Elysium from any threat that may come upon the system and its citizens. Attacks on Elysium have been few and far between, but with a chaotic adversary, a new front line could open anywhere at any time. With Xenothreat on the rise, we rise in response; they threaten the safety of what we love, so we will stand against it. We cannot guarantee the security of our home system without a toll of lives and destruction, but we can guarantee the system will not go down without a fight. Our goal is to work alongside the Tevarins and the UEE to rid the system of whatever threat may come our way and continue protecting the system from hostiles until our last breath. We hold an alliance with the UEE and most other government or military powers with a similar goal. However, we hold utmost autonomy from any authority to ensure that we can protect our system unhindered. We operate as a Syndicate to allow each of our Pillars to stand strong in its own purpose and goals; but when the time comes, the Pillars unite strongly together to create the Pillars of Elysium.

The Oath of Orion
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The Principles of Fountas
Pillar Fountas will be the Spear that supports and defends the Pillars of Elysium and all that fly under its banner. We will be active participants in the defense of Human and Tevarin from misrepresentation and harm while being a home for any that we see fit to join our ranks. Jalan is our home, we will protect it from all adversaries.


General Rules
1. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment will be tolerated. No Racism!

2. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc.) without permission from a staff member. This includes DMing fellow members.

3. Be kind and have a good time!

4. If you have an issue within the Discord Server or Spectrum, please bring it to an Admin or any higher rank. We are more than happy to help!!!

5. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let the higher-ranking Officers know in the server or Spectrum. We want this server to be a welcoming space!

6. No NSFW or obscene content in the Discord or Spectrum. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, brutal violence, or other graphically disturbing content. Unless in the designated chats, where it is welcome to those who choose to see it.

Rules of the Protectorate
I. All Pillars must respond to the Protectorates’ Call whenever it may be rung out.

II. The Head or Founder of each recognized Pillar is expected to serve on the Council of Pillars.

III. If a representative from a Pillar is not available to serve on the Council of Pillars, the Council reserves the right to request a replacement to serve.

IV. If a replacement can not be put forward, the Council reserves the ability to deny that Pillar their recognition until their seat on the Council is filled.

V. The base rules and morals of the Protectorate must be upheld within all Pillars.

VI. The leading power, or powers, of each Pillar, may rule or govern themselves however they see fit, as long as the Council of Pillars and their rulings are recognized as absolute and final.

VII. Internal strife or struggles must be dealt with by a Pillar itself; unless the struggle hinders the responsibilities of that Pillar to the Protectorate.

Pillar Qualifications (These are subject to change when/if our numbers grow.)
I. At this time, a Pillar’s founder/s must submit a request to the Council to legitimize themselves; they must have four active members including themselves, and must have written history (lore) to add to the collective.

II. Submissions must align with the current history (lore) and principles that have been set, and be within reason.

III. A time commitment of 90 days is required to submit a request, however, if the need arises and someone shows dedication, this rule may be adjusted under special circumstances.

IV. There will be five Major Pillars that make up the Pillars of Elysium, and the five leaders of those Pillars will make up the Council of Pillars.

V. The five major Pillars will be tasked with occupying and representing the five planets within the Elysium system.
As our numbers grow, there will be a possibility of having Minor Pillars to further grow the Syndicate and provide freedom of expression for our members.