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With teamwork, aggression and dedication, PG leads the way.


Founded in 2006, Praetorian Guard began as an outfit in Planetside all the way through it’s end. Then we moved into Planetside 2. However due to poor development and waning numbers as a result we then moved into Eternal Crusade. Again due to poor development, we’ve branched out into a gaming community. We have a number of smaller games we play on an on/off basis as we’re searching for our next dedicated game to really put our time and efforts into. Star Citizen looks to be that game.

We still have a presence in Planetside 2 and Eternal Crusade with many a WH40K fan, and so we carry some of that around with us. While most of the original members from 2006 have moved onto other things, mostly real life, we still hold true to what they started. Whether we have a large or small quantity of players, we look to create and/or recruit people of quality. This is not related to skill or time played, but dedication and teamwork of our members.


In Star Citizen we are a PMC Organization (Private Military Corporation). We accept contracts that require our services that are paid for with in game currency. We may even perform contracts other more focused Merchants or PMCs may not attempt. We will conduct raids and assault the enemies of those who hire us if so needed. We will do all this while at the same time defending the Imperium of Mankind from the Xenos, Heretics and Mutants that threaten it.

*If you are interested in joining for Star Citizen, Apply here and then go to the PG Discord and apply in the New Member Application text Channel (Please state that you are interested in joining for Star Citizen as a game and fill out the questions. A officer will review your app when posted)

Discord LINK:
“Official Praetorian Guard Gaming Voice Communications Hub(Praetorian Guard Gaming Discord) “


Members shall select a division of the larger Organization to operate under. This does not pigeon hole you into that branch but will allow leadership to prioritize your role for operations. Navy, Marines, Logistics & Engineers.

We are PMCs. We will consider all feasible contracts. Whether it’s Trade, Mediation, Escort, Transport, and even Privateer & Raid services. *Uncontracted criminal actions are not allowed.
(*Currently N/A due to testing and no persistence. Once persistence is Live, this rule shall be enforced).

Disciplined and dedicated members are always wanted. However we also understand real life comes first. With notice, prolonged absence will not result in your removal from the organization. We have active duty personnel and parents and understand people need to prioritize life before games. There are no “Participation Minimums”.

We are not a politically correct organization. We are an adult organization. Those under 18 are permitted, but special snowflakes shall be shown the door.

We have a Community Code of Conduct that must be read and signed on your application acceptance. Be aware of this and follow up asap after application acceptance. You may only be joining for Star Citizen, but you’ll be interacting with a greater community.

When you are joining Praetorian Guard please specify what division you wish to be apart of to fit your play style and help our empire.
For the Imperium of Man, For Praetorian Guard, Semper Avanti!