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Roberts Space Industries ®


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Honor, Pride, Integrity
Your best friend or your worst enemy!


The Roman stories still matter, as they mattered to Dante in 1300 and Shakespeare in 1600 and the founding fathers of the United States in 1776. What does it take to be a free citizen? Can a superpower still be a republic? How does well-meaning authority turn into murderous tyranny?
T.P. Wiseman

Our “little” group of Outsiders has decided to carve our own path in the Verse. A small asteroid seemed like a great place to start. We ventured through Known Space to the very edge. We are warriors, freelancers, inventors, pilots, discoverers, innovators, racers, mechanics, dreamers, salvage, repair, storage, rentals, rescue, munitions, mining, and much more!

The Day came…our peaceful venture was broken. The hits came on the radar…the Vanduul first wave almost wiped us out. They were not going to do this again! We are going to take the fight to them. Right into their flank we are going to take a bite out of Vanduul hide.
Then we found “Operation Pitchfork”…
The saddest day in humanity will be when the Earth burns with our children because we would not unite and man ships to defend our families! The Vanduul will enjoy harvesting our children left as cattle…

The Organization has grown and expanded. The Organization is expanding! Having worked hard for contracts, space, bases, ships, and training the group now reaches for the stars! Showing one of the best defended, most heavily armored shipping fleets in the stars. Instead of one asteroid base to begin with we now will have 15+. The fleet grows!
Two main shipping fleets and escort. Defended mining at outset. Exploration/Advanced Recon fleet forming now for beta release.


Our intentions are to set “base’s” on the edge of the known Verse! We will offer many services.

Our motives are to free ourselves of the Tyranny of overgrown governments. Experience the fun of just playing and living in the verse. Real Life comes first! This is a game! So if you need to step out just give us a “heads up”?
Let’s get to know each other and grow as a community in-game.

Backstabbing- ie= Badmouthing members without any real reason. Will not be tolerated. When you have an issue with a “member” or “affiliate” keep it private and work it out! *(Contact a founder if an agreement cannot be reached. We will handle it.)
Work together as a unit! Our affiliates and our community relations are “manifest”.
Pride in the “tag” you bear! Some have invested a great deal!
Do not take on anything you can’t handle! Ask for help! We accept full payment up front.
Resolute! When we take on a contract or “terms” we will deliver!
Honor! We honor all contracts!
Integrity: We will take Pride in our endeavors!, Honor our commitments, and show Integrity in our commitments to community and contracts!

The interest of our organization and those of our allies are manifest so we fully believe in openly disclosing who our friends are and what we have planned with our community. Thus, a listing of our affiliates for our friends and common community.

Reclaim Trade
Rogue Squadron
Operation Pitchfork
Kuiper Belt Iron Legion
Team Slippery Pixels ®
Viking’s Ship Rentals
Mercurian Logistics
Independent Pilots Association
Brown Coats
Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion

more to follow:

Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


1. Piracy will not be tolerated.
2. Gaming in a community should be fun! (this means disrespect will not be tolerated.)
3. Hackers need to go somewhere else…(this includes: exploiters, hax…you get the idea.) We play fair. We have skills.
4. You must have fun! Better yet make the game fun for someone not having fun. Mentor!
5. Govern your selves! Treat others like you want to be treated. That way we don’t have to! Mature Gaming is the key here!
6. Communication should give intel, data, and requirements not cussing.
7. No Drama….Deal with your personal issues outside of the community.
8. Many rules will kill the game….

Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!