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Project Mercy / PROJMERCY

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Project Mercy is completely neutral organization dedicated to providing care to incapacitated pilots regardless of their past and current standings.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help add to our coverage across the ‘verse so that no pilot is truly alone in the ‘verse.


September 30, 2945 – Project Mercy is announced alongside the unveiling of Hope-Class Endeavor.


Project Mercy is first and foremost will work towards being a neutral organization without any biases and leanings. Our priority will be to always aid the patients regardless of their history or current standings.

We will work towards securing a non-agression pact with all the organizations out there so that we may work unhindered whether we be in lawless or contested space.

We are also looking to work together with any other Search and Rescue orgs out there to grow our network and reach.

Please contact one of our administrators to chat.


Our esteemed leaders have summoned a conclave to put into writing the foundation of our Faith. Please come back soon to learn more about our community.