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We are here to create and protect our equitable world. Following UEE, standing against piracy and vanduul threat…

We walk in the light of justice with fire in our heart. We bring the light where there is none.


+18 only


Sic Parvis Magna1

It was end of the 27th century. The Messer family was in supreme power and oppression against the people was immense. During this time, a new jump point was discovered in the Fora system. Reports were indicating that the new system was not profitable. A young blue giant star and three planets of which only one of them had atmosphere…

At the end, UEE decided to leave the system. Since Fora was already far out and hard to control, this new system seemed not useful to control. But some people that were looking for hope and relief from the regime sought refuge in the system. The UEE did neither stop the refugees, nor did it attempt to provide any security for them. After several years, the population increased and local factions began to form. Each faction was providing help to people in different ways. The Locals were calling the system Lares, the name for guardian deities back in ancient Rome. The only inhabitable planet was named Verum. With the constant flow of incoming refugees, something had to be done.

It was July 27, 2750 when the Republic was founded on the planet of Verum. Full of hope and dreams for a brighter future, the government was formed under the idea of a Triumvirate (Triarchy); the rule of 3. Protected by the balance of 3 leaders called Triumvirs, The Republic of Verum set forth to create a new world. People were working together, helping each other and maintaining security across the system. Economy was improving, free education and healthcare was being provided. Since various cultures and beliefs were found all across the Republic, no discrimination was taking place. It was a place in which the people would know freedom. People started to believe this was a utopia. As history tells us, utopias are dreams after all. When you live the dream too much, reality becomes a delusion.

In the year 2885, after many years of peace, the republic was shaken to its core. In the capital city of Lurisdictio, a bloody rebellion erupted. The Pious Union, a bloated religious sect plagued by corruption, at the hands of radicalized military officials was at the head of the opposition. The Union was aiming to unify other religious sects from Verum, in an attempt to overthrow a government whose faithless ideals did not match theirs. In the morning of June 29, 2885, first shots were fired. It was the idea of the Pious Union, if they launched a surprise attack, it would gain the support of other radicalized sects. The Triumvirate of that time saw no other option but to use an iron fist and cut away a festering group of religious zealots before they could draw others to their cause. It was quick and fierce, Planetary Guard was deployed and after a bloody fighting for 9 hours, the Union was decimated. Those who survived were arrested and imprisoned for lifetime.

The following years were difficult. The Triumvirate had to keep unions and organizations in check in order to avoid another rebellion. But the Messer family was gone and other planets were also offering prosperity. Tension was rising above the planet of Verum. And it started in that fateful day, exactly 20 years after the Lurisdictio massacre. Anniversary ceremony became the spark that ignited flames of war. Many factions declared war on each other. Unions, organizations, orders, corporations… Every faction had different ideas and goals. It was chaos that raged for 28 years. The great civil war of Verum, now they call it. Once beautiful and prosperous, the planet of Verum was a wasteland in the end. People were leaving the system during the war and as a final act, Verum navy set out and closed the jump gate. The System of Lares became history and a blue dot in the night sky.

As Verum now faced the death of billions, and a fallout so bad that the lands were barren, the Triumvirate embarked on a journey with its remaining citizens and military. Like in the old times, they set back out among the stars. It was within the cold and dark void of space that The Republic of Verum died, and the Protectors of Verum were born.

1 Greatness from small beginnings. – Latin Proverb


2944-09-11 The Organization has been founded.
2944-11-20 Articles VI. and VII. (Democracy) added.
2945-09-06 Alliance with Intergalactic Enterprises
2947-03-28 Triumvir Pacam Goomiac has joined.
2947-09-16 Triumvir Arma Cognito, who created all our graphics, has joined.
2947-10-30 Steam group created.
2947-11-30 Twitter page created.
2948-02-07 Our own promotion video by The Organization
2948-02-18 CEO Arma Cognito got elected as Triumvir.
2948-03-05 Triumvir Arma Cognito got elected as owner and we are on rank 5 of most active organizations.
2948-03-25 Grand Admiral Pacam Goomiac got elected as Triumvir.
2948-03-25 Triumvir Ecthelion resigned as Triumvir.
2948-04-08 Triumvir Pacam Goomiac got elected as new owner.
2949*01-08 Charter has been updated and expanded
2949-01-11 Our website has been published


Pax melior est quam iustissimum bellum.2

Mission and Vision

Foundation of our organization is to play Star Citizen with an engaged community.
With this alive community, our members truly enjoy Star Citizen’s online multiplayer environment.

Our Values

We believe in justice. A true progression can only be made in the light of justice.
We believe in peace. Intervention is our ultimate remedy.
We believe in teamwork. We play together and help each other.
We believe in motivation. Motivation is what gets us started.
We believe in commitment. Commitment is what keeps us going.


Intergalactic Enterprises

Executive Staff

Triarchy – Head of State

Pacam GoomiacTriumvir
Arma CognitoTriumvir

High Command

Division Leaders.


Appointed Senators.


Resource Division

Mining Branch

Since 3.2 we can mine various rocks and sell minerals to refineries. With MISC Prospectors, mining is a must have experience.

Salvaging Branch

Unfortunately salvaging is not available yet. But it is coming soon. We have reclaimer ready for it.

Logistics Division

Trading Branch

Trading in space sims has always been an interest. Figuring out what/when/where to buy and sell is a skill that only a few possess.

Exploration Division

Expedition Branch

Venturing into the space, journey to the unknown. Who can stand against this mysterious affection ?

2 Peace is better than the most just war. – Latin Proverb


Imperare sibi maximum imperium est.3


Primary Directives

  • Real life comes first. Star Citizen is only a game but a serious one. Only go online when free. When go online, leave life offline.
  • Hate speech, political or religious topics, racism or any kind of discrimination is forbidden.
  • Any kind of piracy, smuggling, slavery, or association with such, in Star Citizen is strictly forbidden.
  • Protect our fleet and people.


  • Discussions are allowed, actually promoted, but without insulting a discussion partner.
  • Swear words are allowed but excessive swearing will not be tolerated.
  • Keep chat SFW. Pornographic content is not allowed.
  • Please use the correct channel for different topics. The topic of each text channel can be found on the top of the channel.


  • Protectors of Verum is an organization standing on pillars of democracy.
  • Protectors of Verum is integrated multicultural organization administered by rule of law, within the notions of public peace, global solidarity and justice, respecting human rights, and loyal to UEE.
  • Protectors of Verum is, with its territory and community, is indivisible entity. Its common language is English.
    Its emblem is three inward and six outward arcs colored blue, green, and red fusing together.
  • Protectors of Verum is keeper of peace. Military intervention is ultimate remedy in case of conflict.
  • Sovereignty belongs to Verum Community without any restriction or condition.
  • Legislative power is vested in the Senate of Verum on behalf of Verum Community. This power shall not be delegated.
  • Executive power and function shall be exercised and carried out by the Triumvirs in conformity with the Constitution and laws.
  • Judicial power shall be exercised by High Command on behalf of the Verum Community.
  • Every member is equal before the law without distinction as to position, language, race, colour, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, or any such grounds.
  • Laws shall not be contrary to the Constitution.
  • Legislature
    • Triumvirate
      • Head of state consists of three individuals called Triumvirs. Each Triumvir is equal in terms of executive power.
      • Triumvirate has the executive power to take actions in behalf of the Organization.
      • Triumvirs cannot have affiliations with other organizations.
      • Rankings of members can only be assigned by the Triumvirate.
      • Members can be kicked or banned from the Organization only by the Triumvirate.
      • In case of having fewer than three triumvirs in the office, election for triumvir shall be held.
    • High Command
      • The High Command consists of triumvirs and leader of each and every division. A division leader is called Praefectus.
      • Mission of the High Command is to designate short and mid term goals for the Organization.
      • The High Command has the Judicial Power to hold courts of justice.
      • Praefecti cannot have affiliations with other organizations other than diplomatic relations.
      • The High Command can pass a vote of having 2/3 of consensus for kicking or banning a member.
      • Praefecti must meet the activity criteria of being online 30 hours a week in Discord.
    • Senate of Verum
      • The Senate consists of senators who are appointed by the Triumvirate. Senators must be ranked Tribunus or higher.
      • The Senate has the legislative power to take decisions for the Organization.
      • The Senate does not have the power to kick or ban members from the Organization. However the Senate can propound to kick or ban members.
      • Senators must meet the activity criteria of being online 20 hours a week in Discord.
  • Elections
    • A triumvir shall be elected for 18 months of Earth time. At the end of their reign, they can be re-elected for infinite amount of times.
    • Election shall be held only if there are more than one candidate. In the event of having only one candidate, aforesaid candidate shall become triumvir.
    • All candidates must meet the requirements of having Praetor or higher rank, lacking unfinished task given by the Organization, and having approval of the High Command.
    • Eques or higher rankings can cast vote on elections.
    • Election protocol
      • One week prior to the election date, a new text channel for election on Discord shall be created and candidates must post their campaigns in the election channel.
      • Election channel shall remain open for a week so that eligible members can vote.
      • Election shall be finalized on election date inaugurating elected triumvir.
      • Election channel shall remain read-only for three more days, then it shall be deleted.
      • For each election, new channel shall be created.
    • After election, another vote for ownership shall be held between triumvirs. Ownership shall be transferred according to consensus.

3 To rule yourself is the ultimate power. – Seneca the Younger