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Pirates / PTS

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Pirates is a PvP clan originally from World of Tanks EU where we’ve been dominating for over 3 years.

Now a mix of players from Pirates and Kazna Kru, two of the best clans WoT has seen, is coming together on Star Citizen to terrorise the space lanes and having fun doing it!


Pirates traces its beginnings to the first official tournaments on World of Tanks EU back in 2010, when a group of like-minded players gathered for one purpose; to win and have fun doing so. As the clan gathered one victory after another more great players flocked to the Pirate banner, turning a small tournament clan into an unstoppable force of nature.

When clan wars began and inter-clan competition commenced in earnest, we were ready and immediately set out to claim a position of renown and respect at the very top of the game. Successive wars saw great victories and while we were often outnumbered, we were seldom outplayed.

Nearly three years on PTS is still a name respected or feared by all, one of only a few clans with the dedication and drive not just to win, but to keep winning for year after year, never slowing, never dying.

Along the way made many enemies, but also a few allies. Another of the biggest names on World of Tanks EU today is the Kazna Kru, a younger clan by all accounts, but no less skilled or driven than Pirates. After initial encounters it became clear our two clans had the same goals and similar principles, two clans dedicated to fun, winning and neither inclined towards large alliances or strict rules.

An alliance was soon formed in preparation for a large and well rewarded official campaign, a number of successful but independent clans coming together to create an entity of unprecedented power. Sure enough, the alliance took all three medal-winning positions by the campaign’s end, sweeping away all resistance in its path, Kazna and Pirates taking first and second places respectively.

Which brings us here. When mention of Star Citizen revealed many backers among Pirates’ and Kazna’s members, the course was obvious, we’d take our band of merry murderers into space and do what we do best; win and have fun doing it!


Our intentions? We’re Pirates! We’ll do whatever the Hell we want and enjoy ourselves doing it!

We’re going to do a lot of different things, the only constant is that somebody else is probably going to have a bad day as a result.


Rules? For Pirates? We’re not the sort of group that will set a rigid code of conduct, we only take adults and as such you’re free to behave publicly as you like.

If you want to go round hurling obscenities and abuse at the newbies as you board and teabag them to death, go right ahead! We’ll laugh, we’ll also laugh at you when you pick up a chat ban for it. Your actions and their consequences are your responsibility alone, we’re not your parents.

But ok, ok, there are two real rules:

First, be cool. What does that mean? Well, don’t pick fights within the clan, be on Teamspeak regularly, be active, play with other members of the clan a lot. Basically, Pirates is not your average clan, we’re more sociable than any other I’ve seen, generally hanging around one another a lot and having a laugh together. When you join us we expect you to make the effort to really become a part of the group.

Secondly, win. We don’t take much seriously in Pirates, in fact we only take one thing seriously, winning. We expect you to be good at the game, if you aren’t then get good fast because there’s no room for dead weight. AWOL players will be kicked, players who suck will be kicked. It’s harsh but that is what makes a winning team.