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Roberts Space Industries ®

Purple Mutated Rats / PURPLERATS

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Social
  • Smuggling

Welcome to the Happy Vanduul Station , take a seat , a drink . Just one rule , no fighting inside.


It started small , only two dreamers , wanting a place for themselves. Where they will be free of everything. Stuck at Stanton system they had to start to work. First they cooperate on salvaging quantumium from recent shipwrecks , the work was hard . They haven’t really flied any spaceship before , so the task suited them. But soon they’ve realized , even with a lifetime of this job they wont be able to achieve anything , not becoming owner of any part of land. The two of them invested all their money to buy a Cutlass and make the choice , to earn as much money as possible . Even if it means to have blood on their hands. Rookies bounty hunter and part time mercenary , they tried to work for BlacJac company for a time . But their skills lacking they often where really any profitable jobs. After a visit to grim hex and a fortunate call from Vaugn , they started to take assassination contracts. More successful this time , they upgraded their ships , and equipment. First trying at all cost to avoid bounty hunters , they finally decided to be bolder. Resulting to their regularly getting in the Keshler rehabilitation facility. Not of their problem , they where making money , a Lot. After month of working for Vaugn , due to their habilities to always be the vermines on the Crusader juridiction. They’ve been called the Rats , it became what represented them. But this life underground wasn’t enough for them. Still only two , they decided to try out a maximum of jobs possible , not only combats related ones. In order to achieve it , They decided to contract with a lieutenant of Crusader security , and became mercenaries for them. Making money by using what they do the best , and getting back into the good wills of the UEE. Looking to make enough to buy a Drak Caterpillar they worked hard. Sometimes , taking some Vaugn contract to eliminate some syndicate unwanted an destroying drug labs of the Nine tails for Crusader Security. They decided to create their own organisation , The Purple Mutated Rats , cause they like purple and they are referred as Rats by many.


We are the Purple Rats , we’re aiming to run a space station on the Borders of the known universe of man kind.

The borders are still wild out there , we’ll greet everyone without exceptions. Trade , Drinks , repairs and refuel , everything at your disposal.
Just one and unique rule , no fighting in the station.


The client ins’t the King , make sure to make them respect our rules.

No asking from the origin of the products.

Results worth more than speaks.

Always remember that your a rat too.