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Phoenix Battalion / PXB

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Ride The Thunder | Quell The Storm


The groups first and only deployment came to be one of the most famous engagements in the history of the UEE. In late 2945, the Vanduul launched a major offensive on Vega II, and the brutal attack had devastated dozens of cities across the planet. An Estilla barely hanging onto life was a painful reflection of what had befallen the rest of the planet; the muddled silhouette of what was once New Corvo loomed out of the foggy horizon, and plumes of ash swept through what had once been the lush forests and lowlands of the gateway to Aremis.

In March of 2496, the UEE received intelligence that the Vanduul were mounting a second attack on Vega II, and Admiral Bishop called on a small strike team to sweep the system for any remaining hostile forces. This marked the beginning of Operation Mandrake. Shortly after their deployment into the Vega system, they discovered a pair of Vanduul capital ships preparing for what looked to be a massive raid. As soon as they reported this back to command, however, the team’s signals were abruptly cut. Fearing the worst, Admiral Bishop, the Retribution, and the accompanying 65th Battle Group raced to the scene in hopes that they would arrive in time to prevent what was sure to be absolute slaughter. On arrival, the capital ships were stagnant and unresponsive, and upon boarding Bishop was surprised to find the ship littered with dozens of bodies, none of them belonging to his men.

Admiral Bishop and the Retribution later moved on to destroy the rest of the Vanduul fleet in what became known as the Battle of Oberon, allowing the UEE to stage the first offensive of the Vanduul War. The group was critical to the success of Operation Mandrake, and through the accounts of two capital ships laden with the carnage of Vanduul warriors, they have become legendary figures among UEE military and citizens alike. Though they have been credited with the decimation of a number of outlaw organizations, the current whereabouts of the Phoenix Battalion remain unknown.


The Phoenix Battalion was founded to combat to the growing power of Syndicate and Outlaw organizations across the universe. Since Operation Mandrake, a few have gone on to lead peaceful lives as merchants or diplomats, though the vast majority have remained in the darker echelons of the UEE military. Although members will branch out into many other areas of the Verse, our strike teams are dedicated to special operations and the destruction of Syndicates and other outlaw groups that put citizens in harm’s way. That being said, everyone has a role to play in the Phoenix Battalion, and there are many important divisions within the organization that members can choose to be a part of.

Strike Teams: This is the special operations division of the Phoenix Battalion. Members will be in one of four squadrons (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta) and will be tasked with both reconnaissance of Syndicate groups and elimination of both Outlaw and Syndicate strongholds. These squadrons are the dedicated enforcers that are the backbone of the Phoenix Battalion. There will be competition for these positions, but the Phoenix Battalion will provide the training to give everyone the ability to become a part of the most elite special operations force in Star Citizen.

Reconnaissance: Members of this division are our eyes and ears in the ‘verse. The Recon division gathers intelligence through networking and infiltration, and provides the information that the Strike Teams act on. Members report directly to command and must be versatile and able to handle a plethora of occupational hazards. Reconnaissance members are paid in proportion to the information they deliver, and are a crucial part of Phoenix Battalion’s mission.

Emergency Response: The Emergency Response division is responsible for mobilization and response to a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s piracy, lack of fuel, or finding yourself lost in hostile territory, Emergency Response personnel are prepared to handle any number of situations. Members of this division will need to have good communication skills and be be proficient both in the cockpit and on the ground, with the ability to get to a set of coordinates as quickly as possible. Emergency response is the most versatile of our divisions, and is an important part of making sure that our members are safe and sound while in the ‘verse.

Escort/Security: Members of this division make sure that clients get from point A to point B alive and with their valuables/goods. Much of their work will be in the private sector, and as such they will keep the credits they earn on the job (minus a ten percent organization fee). Members of the Security team will need to be proficient in the cockpit and committed to constantly improving their ability to keep clients happy and in one piece. When necessary, members of this division will act as security for Phoenix Battalion operations, and will be play a crucial role in the safety of our fleet.

Resources/Exploration: The Resources and Exploration division is charged with locating and harvesting resources and information in the various star systems and turning them in for profit. The division is divided into subgroups of mining, scanning, and salvage teams, and like the Security division will keep ninety percent of the profit they earn while in the field. As you get to know your crew and begin to work as a unit, effectiveness and fun on the job will make it feel like a career, and you and your crew will get the most out of your experience here in the Battalion.

Diplomatic Relations: Diplomats are responsible for managing our relations with allied organizations and negotiating the terms of our membership. Members will need good communication skills and need to constantly consider the best interest of the Battalion when accomplishing their task. This division is crucial in maintaining our standing and goodwill with the rest of the ‘verse, and are a critical part of the Phoenix Battalion community.

All of these roles are critical to the success of the organization, and whether you’re interested in mining as efficiently as possible or racking up kills while wiping outlaws off the face of the universe, there’s a place for you in the Phoenix Battalion! See you in the ‘Verse!


Code of Conduct

Communication: Respectful at all times. Period.

Illegal Activity: Extortion, Piracy, or any other Illegal activities are prohibited

Responsibilities: Leaves of absence will be granted on request

Relations: Do NOT cause drama with other organizations/players

Organization: Phoenix Battalion should be your main organization

Affiliates: Affiliate organizations [Non-Criminal] are welcome

Membership Requirements


-Passionate about Star Citizen

-Willing to Improve

-Dedicated to Phoenix Battalion

-Have and use discord [Mic Preferred]

-Willing to participate in the majority of activities/training

-Enjoy the game!