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Quantum Jump Medical / QJMEDICAL

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Quantum Jump Medical is a company that focuses on one job. The overall well being of every citizen in the verse. We do that by providing a large number of medical services.




To start here is a brief history of how Quantum Jump Medical started. Quantum Jump Medical was started by a combat medic in the UEE military, Lieutenant Mike “Spectre” Ziegler. Who after retiring from the military, the call of being a medic was still very strong. Thus the idea of QJM began.

With the money, he had saved he purchased a simple Cutlass Red and began responding to distress calls daily. A dedicated crew began to develop but felt the need to heal more than just a few people, he could with the limited resources he had. so he approached his former Commander, Gryph Ambermann, whom he served under while aboard the carrack. With his help, we acquired our first Hope Class MISC Endeavor. With his help, QJM could finally offer medical services not only to individuals but also to organizations large and small.

::History Logs::

11/08/2946 QJM is founded and established by Mike Spectre Ziegler

12/12/2946 QJM Begins to train more and more members over months

04/12/2948 QJM continues to recruit more and more members

06/22/2949 QJM begins to make connections to other organizations

5/15/2950 QJM has started providing medical service for ATMO Esports becoming the primary medical provider of all ATMO events

10/13/2950 QJM Is now an official sponsor of the Daymar Rally and the Hurston Hurt locker

01/01/2951 QJM launches its new platform for logistics and open development for members

6/20/2951 QJM establishes with over 100 different orgs in the verse

10/16/2951 With advancements in the medical industry QJM stands at the front with a new clean look for uniforms and branding

10/20/2951 QJM launches a new partnership program with other medical orgs

10/21/2951 QJM launches a new Sanctuary/Defense fleet known as Oasis

10/25/2951 QJM signs a massive partnership with New Babbage Brentworth Care Center allowing QJM full access while QJM hospital is being built


We are ever-expanding our reach by providing aid to persons, companies, and organizations in nearly every system. Because of this we are looking to expand our medical fleet and are in the works of founding our on-world hospital location. As of now, we have a skilled force of dedicated medical professionals.

We currently offer comprehensive insurance plans for individuals and companies. On top of this, we continue to respond to search and rescue beacons, assist ground forces in medivac scenarios, and provide rear line medical services on large missions. Due to the expanding call for our service we are looking to fill all positions. If you are interested in a position; please apply with our recruitment office.

We constantly are developing new medical techniques as the medical gameplay expands in the PU.


To help at a moments notice, regardless of the call. That is what we do. From one person needing help, to a whole fleet requiring aid after a battle with the Vanduul, QJM stands ready.