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QQ Ragequit Mercenaries / QQMERCS

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The RageQuit Mercenary Corporation’s mission is to grow a friendly, social gaming community where the opinions and contributions of all its members are welcomed and recognized. We are one together, a family.


In the beginning on Mechwarrior: Online’s Closed Beta phase, a ragtag bunch of mercs banded together night after night, hammering the competition with uncommon tactics and exemplary teamwork. Cries of foul play often followed their displays of superior teamwork and tactical play. These men thoroughly enjoyed their notoriety and their opponents’ exclamations or “QQ”. One such tactic, dubbed “Duck Hunt” or “Quack Quack (there is that QQ, again!)” ruled over the opposition on a map named Forest Colony where the tactic was to move through open water to attack their enemies directly and without fear. Fueled by the rage these men induced, and more out of jest, the {QQ} tag was created within the public TeamSpeak server they gathered in. All of a sudden, nearly a dozen {QQ} tagged players sat in a chat channel and others within that TS server noticed immediately and offered up congratulations on our newly formed “unit”.

However, in those early days, there was no formal group, no leadership, no website or forums, because everyone was on the same page of what they wanted: to play giant, stompy robots and crush their opposition. The {QQ} “team” sought to find an established corporation that could provide a like-minded environment in order to grow, but were unsuccessful in their search. One day, several familiar players expressed their desire for the same friendly and social experience, while still playing with skilled teammates. The ragtag band got serious and formed what is known today as RageQuit Mercenary Corporation, or QQ MERCS. In only a couple of weeks, QQ MERCS had established themselves and created something that would take weeks, if not months, for others to build thanks to the dedicated involvement of their members. Today, QQ Mercs is one of the longest running and prolific units in MechWarrior: Online.

Since 2013, QQ MERCS has their eyes on the stars, bringing their unique brand of teamwork and tactics to the universe of Star Citizen. Most importantly of all… we bring the FUN!


QQ seeks mature, good-humored, team-oriented players that enjoy getting together to socialize and work towards success. There is no specific level of gaming experience required to join the unit, though skill is certainly a nice bonus. We will assist new players in any way possible including training and equipment; all we ask in return is being open to criticism and advice. We look for people that are flexible, unpretentious, and friendly. Attitude is far and away the most important factor we look for in potential recruits.

A. Recruitment
Anyone can express interest in joining and tag up as a QQ recruit, though referrals from existing members will typically result in faster approval. Recruits are encouraged to head to the Recruit’s Lounge in our forums to introduce themselves.

Once someone tags up with [QQ-R] in TeamSpeak, he or she is evaluated over a period of time spanning from a few days to a few weeks by the QQ members that play with them. A post typically goes up in the Recruit Feedback section of our forums for each new recruit, and it is there members that are encouraged to provide their positive and negative feedback.

For some, the chemistry is immediate and they are brought on quickly; others are shy or can’t play as much and may take a few weeks to get comfortable and fit in. It’s done on a case-by-case basis, and a long recruitment period isn’t necessarily a bad indication. When a consensus is reached, a Game Council Member or Director will either offer full membership or explain why the application was rejected.

Once full membership is granted, the Recruit will gain a [QQ] tag in TeamSpeak, enhanced channel privileges, and complete access to QQ’s Member forums.

B. Removal
Members are typically only removed through our penal process as outlined in the Code of Conduct section of the charter, but there are other, extreme circumstances that also warrant removal. If someone slips through the recruitment process that doesn’t mesh well with a large number of other members, they may be removed to preserve unit cohesion. When it gets to a point where members are logging off or channel-hopping to avoid a specific player, we feel that it’s best to amputate instead of letting things fester.

C. Returning Members
Members that have officially left QQ on good terms and wish to return will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Game Council (or Board of Directors if none is applicable) will vote on whether they will be allowed to return and if they will be subject to a probationary (recruit) status. Leaving more than once is especially frowned upon, and both the relevant Game Council and the Board of Directors must vote to approve a second return.

D. Participation
We do not have a participation quota because we acknowledge that members have lives, jobs, kids, mortgages, and other real-life responsibilities. We want to see you on with the unit as much as possible, but real life comes first – period.

E. Inactivity
We recognize that real life circumstances or even falling out of love with a game can result in an extended period of inactivity. Please let someone know or make a post on the forums if you expect to be unavailable for a while.

Depending on the length of your membership and absence, you may be moved to the Inactive Roster and be subject to a probationary (recruit) status upon return. Highly involved members with a good amount of playtime in the unit are typically welcomed back with no questions asked.


QQ’s Code of Conduct can be summed up in a singular, defining principle: DON’T BE A DICK!

Disagreements are fine, as we recognize the value of strong personalities, and it’s inevitable that not everyone is going to share the same viewpoint in a larger unit. That said, we demand that all members remain civil and respectful towards one another. In public settings (game forums, Reddit, mixed TeamSpeak groups, etc.), members are held to the highest standards. Everything you say in public reflects on the unit, so please think before you publicly post something abrasive or “talk shit” on a live stream.

Racism, sexism, bigotry, personal attacks, etc. are NEVER tolerated and offenders will promptly be removed from the unit if this behaviour persists.