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Ragtag Mercs / RAGTAGS

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The Ragtag Mercs is a mercenary organization fit for hire. Should you need talent, hire a squad. You need numbers, hire them all.

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The Ragtag Mercs were started by a group of individuals that felt like creating a welcoming culture for all to be able to hire their skills and talents no matter the expectation. Anyone is able to become a mercenary here. Since its conception in 2022, this organization has been realizing goal after goal despite the game’s flaws. We are anxious to see what the next year holds.


This is a place to reach out to players who want to group up. All mission types are allowed. Find friends. Blood for Some, Money for All!


Hey there and welcome to the Rag Tag Merc’s! This is intended to be a laid back and chill environment where we do not wish to enact strict rules. Try to have a sense of humor and not take things too seriously but at the same time also keep in mind that not everyone will have the same humor or ideals as you and we need to all be respectful of each other. That being said, there are a few rules we put in place to ensure that everyone is able to have the best experience possible.

No Political Discussions
Politics are everywhere in our day to day environment. It doesn’t matter who or what ideals you support, everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs. If you find yourself engaging in a political discussion do the other people in your channel a favor and take it elsewhere so that everyone else can continue enjoying the game.

Microphone Etiquette
Be mindful of the fact that you are playing with others. Having good microphone etiquette is an important factor in helping to ensure others’ gameplay experience is a positive one. If you do not possess or choose not to use a microphone you are of course still free to join and play with us however be aware that some players may become frustrated and request you move to a different group channel, especially if your lack of a microphone is slowing down the group.

Don’t talk over others.
Be polite and allow others to finish what they are saying before jumping in. If there is another topic you want to discuss or comment on, wait until there is a break in the conversation.

If you have constant background noise going on use push to talk
Nothing can be more annoying than having to listen to someone’s life happening in the background constantly. If you are in a loud environment we encourage you to use push to talk in discord. That way everyone else in your channel will not be constantly subjected to listening to whatever you have going on in the background. Caps Lock is a great key to use for this when playing Star Citizen since it is not an active keybind in the game.

If you need to step away from your PC let your group know
We understand that at times you will need to step away from your game. When you need to do this let your group know so that they are not waiting on you to do something. Especially if you are piloting. Be sure to let your group know and remove yourself from the pilot seat so that your group can continue until your return.

Meeting back up with your group is your responsibility
If for some reason your game crashes or you join the group after missions have already begun it is up to you to meet them out in space. Unless everyone agrees that returning to pick you up is the more optimal option. It’s not fair to the rest of the group to need to stop what they are doing to go pick you up.

Remember that we expect everyone to act like an adult here. Be civil even if someone you are playing with gets on your nerves. In environments like ours where you often find yourself interacting with many people you don’t know, you will probably encounter a few that rub you the wrong way. If you have an issue with someone respectfully address it with that person. If they continue to cross the line with you we encourage you to simply remove yourself from playing with them and join a different channel or in extreme cases contact one of the mods.