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Rare Fish Trading Co., LLc / RAREFISHCO

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Rare Fish Trading Co. LLc, is the premier interstellar broker in exotic aquatic and terrestrial lifeforms


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Our company began as a community of exotic pet traders based on Terra. Aquatic life became the favored pet of the upper class, given the ease of creating extravagant showcases comprising of lifeforms from many different star systems. Due to our booming success, we soon outgrew our small pond on Terra. In 2890, the Rare Fish Trading Company was incorporated, coinciding with our move to Goss II, Cassel. The vast, life-filled ocean was a fitting home for our operations, and allowed us to capitalize on a valuable export. We are most known for our champion bloodline Midas fish, a native of Cassel. The Rare Fish Trading Company is always discovering new, and more importantly, exclusive pets on our home world and throughout the galaxy. We continue to specialize in the trade of aquatic life, and are more than capable of fulfilling the occasional special request. Today, the Rare Fish Trading Company is known as the most established, trusted, and dedicated fish trader in the galaxy.


Core Mission

The Rare Fish Trading Company believes in the vision of our founders:

“Our purpose is to fill your home with the essence of the frontier. The businessperson, trader, General, and average Citizen don’t have time to seek out rare fish. Thankfully, we have done that for you.”

Since our inception, our endeavor has been to help everyone experience the beauty of the universe. Anyone can see blooming stellar formations, but it takes a keen eye to recognize biological artistry. Our fish are guaranteed to please you and to increase the value of your home and hangar.

In mari magno pisces capiuntur

Alliances and Partnerships

Soon to be announced. If you would like to be our trade partner or ally, please email us at


The Rare Fish Trading Company Charter:

1. The Fair Chance Act must be honored
2. Members must obey all laws regarding life form handling, transportation, and general treatment
3. Members must treat others with respect and follow orders of their superior ranking members regarding Rare Fish Trading Company business
4. Any members found violating these directives will be reviewed by the Space Whales for possible disciplinary action

Stance on Affiliate Organizations

We have no restrictions on what other Organizations you may belong to. You may choose to make them visible or invisible, as well as make RFTC visible or invisible. We respect everyone’s privacy.

However, there will be distinct benefits of full RFTC membership. We welcome Affiliates and their support , but Members will receive bonuses and preferred treatment.

Stance on Piracy and Pirates

The Rare Fish Trading Company does not endorse the violation of UEE law. However, our Mission Statement requires us to fulfill the fish needs of all of our customers. We will not turn any customer away.

The Rare Fish Trading Company Ranking System:

We are using this system to organize our members before RSI releases advanced organization structuring tools. Once that happens, we reserve the right to change how we rank members, but your overall rank in the organization will remain the same. Please note that we plan on allowing members to advance their rank, and we will differentiate member types in another way once RSI adds that functionality. If you feel that you are ranked incorrectly, send a Space Whale a PM, or email us at


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Original Members with important roles


Original Members


Exemplary new Members and personal friends


Early new Main-Organization Members (Joined before Persistent Universe Beta)


New Members and Affiliates