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Ravengate Incorporated / RAVENGATE

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“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” -Francis Bacon

Ravengate has everything you need in one place. Join the others who have taken the leap into the Ravengate family, and collaborate to achieve more than one citizen could ever envisage.


Originally founded in 2931 by just four individuals, Ravengate started out as a small mining outfit. Commander Iwanovowich famously worked alone to afford his first mining vessel and thus paved the way for the organisation to grow and prosper. Ever since, the organisation has expanded drastically, spanning many different divisions working in semi-autonomous branches, all ensuring success of Ravengate Incorporated.

Handed down from its founder to successor and from comrade to comrade, in the first quarter of 2952 Steward-Commander Titan reinstated leadership to Commander-in-Chief Helix Crowley.


Ravengate operates within three distinct branches. Each branch benefits from the services and protection of the others, as well as creating opportunities for fellow members to monopolise upon.
All members of Ravengate must look out for the interests of each member and their work division. By maintaining this core value and ensuring the prosperity of Ravengate though mutual respect, cooperation and diligence, Ravengate Incorporated in turn ensures the prosperity and wellbeing of its members.

Although Ravengate Incorporated is divided into three distinct branches, members are not restricted to work within one field, and are in fact encouraged to share their skills and knowledge between branches, opening up new opportunities and experiences.

Ravengate Industries is the oldest branch of Ravengate and offers leading expertise in asteroid & planetary mining, material & resources processing as well as commodity & goods trading and transportation. More recently, Ravengate Industries has diversified into salvaging, fabrication and engineering, utilising advanced technologies for data running and gathering.

Ravengate Guardians developed and prospered out of necessity. The Ravengate Guardians branch was originally established to protect and defend the operations of Ravengate Industries. However, the Guardians were so successful and sought after that their services were soon commissioned by others. Now the Guardians branch has grown considerably and offers mercenaries, bounty hunters, combat medics and peacekeepers to many companies, organisations and governments across several different systems.

Ravengate Privateers is the third and unofficial ‘off-the-books’ branch of Ravengate. Embodying the Ravengate mantra ‘see a market, fill a need’, Ravengate Privateers take its operations into the shadows, conducting work others would turn away from. Actting on Ravengate’s entrepreneurial drive, freight runners found they could make a little extra on the side by trading more illicit goods at the same time. Disturbing UEE sanctions and trade-control would open up new markets for capitalising upon. Mining expeditions would stumble across unofficial deposit claims, and Ravengate isn’t one to pass up an opportunity. So much so that Ravengate Privateers now often makes its own opportunities and is employed by a handful of discriminating clientele that can rely on the Privateers discretion for clandestine operations.


Ravengate Incorporated is a meritocracy and headed by a democratically voted Commander-in-Chief who is aided and advised by a close-council comprised of representatives from each divisional branch. New recruits of Ravengate are supported and trained by more experienced and seasoned members, offering opportunity and profit to its rich member base. Ravengate Industries is vested in its members’ effort and talent, and rewards performance and achievement with promotion though the ranks of Ravengate.

Commander – 5 star
Highest Rank of Ravengate, reserved for leadership roles and corporation heads. The top-most principal chair being Commander-in-Chief.

Enforcer – 4 star
Advisors and overseers who maintain collaboration and functional networking within and between divisional branches. Enforcers make up the close-council of Ravengate Industries.

Veteran – 3 star
Seasoned experts and mentors within a divisional branch. Veterans offer assistance and training to new recruits.

Operative – 2 star
Tried and tested associates who demonstrate reliability and consistency, displaying real talent and skill within a given field.

Recruit – 1 star
New members to the organisation that show promise and development within the organisation.

Initiate – 0 star
Recent applicants to Ravengate Incorporated. Those with untested and unknown abilities, but who have been scouted for potential aptitude in a given field.