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Redshift Broadcast Nexus / RBN

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Greetings and Welcome to the Red-shift Broadcast Nexus!

RBN is an Organization dedicated to the finding of the lost system of Oretani and all that this endeavor will entail. Join us for this exciting journey and experience together as a bunch of space loving nerds!


The Redshift Broadcast Nexus Mission Statement

The Origin of RBN
Terra is the only system in the United Earth Empire that is named after the capital planet, rather that the star (Terra Nova) at its center. Since the discovery and subsequent exploration of the system in 2516, Terra has grown consistently in both popularity and influence. Even during the Messer Era, Terra was one of the few systems that tried to maintain a progressive stance against the despotic reign. It was with this perseverance in the face of adversity that elevated it to be almost synonymous with Earth as the center of power in the UEE. It was out of this resistance that the Rocket family business, an intersystem set of radio stations, began to transmit anti-messer messages and started supporting resistance causes. However, this opposition to the Messer regime came at a high cost to the Rocket family. The official radio stations were raided and seized under the war powers act during the first Tevarin war due to their antiwar message. The Rocket family business diversified and the Radio Station went underground becoming a Pirate Radio Station, never broadcasting from the same place twice. A thorn in the side of the Messers, RBN reporters and operators found aid in many unlikely places and were often sheltered and spirited away right before UEE raids were conducted. |
RBN Since The End Of The Messer Era
When the Messer Era ended in 2792, so did the Redshift Broadcast Nexus’ primary mission of dissent, so the executives of the company decided it was finally time to find out what happened to their family all those years ago. Officially, the Jump Point had collapsed in 2485 and the searches continued into the first decade of the next Century. The Redshift Broadcast Nexus was actually going to start searching for Oretani several decades after the government stopped when the unthinkable happened… the first Tevarin war started. It became very dangerous for civilians, no matter how well armed, to go into unclaimed systems in search for another jump point to get back to Oretani. Unfortunately, even after the war had officially ended, Ivar Messer had seized the reigns of power and within a few years, and seized most of RBN’s assets spreading the Rocket family and employees into the wind as enemies of the state and terrorist sympathizers. It would be more than 200 years before the Rockets would be able to stop running and rebuild their economic empire. This is when they began to refocus on finding the lost system of Oretani. |
Why Oretani
Oretani was one of many systems discovered during the rapid expansion era of the 25th Century. The surveyors noticed nothing in the system’s six worlds of immediate importance. Just a single planet seemed to be a viable candidate for terraforming. The terraforming corp that won the bid sent a mid-level team (and their families) into the system to start processing when the only jump point into the system collapsed. Scientists scrambled to figure out a solution, but it was the first time an incident like this had occurred. As years stretched into decades, people studied the area around the former jump point, hoping for a sign that it had reopened, but after time they gave up. After all this time, Oretani is only ever debated among select number of historians. Most believe that without support, the initial terraformers probably died out, but no one really knows what to expect on the other side if that jump point ever reopens. |
All members of the RBN had family members who were members of the original colonization effort and we refuse to give up on them. This mission will be the primary mission of the Redshift Broadcast Nexus and we will gladly accept help from anyone willing to work with us in this goal of finding out the fate of our long lost relatives.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.