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RocketBeans / RBTV

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The RocketBeans are an entertainment crew from Germany. They are known for having a passionate community, as well as frequently appearing among the top channels on Youtube with their 24/7 entertainment channel RocketBeansTV
(Inofficial Fanorganization)


Back in the year 2015, way before humanity’s expansion into the galaxy, unrest was amongst the citizens on Earth. The media was more and more in the hands of idiots, and new annoying formats – beauty blogs and the like – popped up and began dominating the market. In an attempt to redefine the landscape of 21st century entertainment, the four fabled superstars Etienne Garde, Simon Krätschmer, Daniel Budiman, Nils Bomhoff and their crew brought what is now known as the messias of media, the savior of entertainment: RocketBeansTV. It was a 24/7 webcast that soon took over the market, making the de-facto media outlet of that time, the Television, become obsolete soon.

For almost a millenium, the recordings of the beginnings were lost. In the beginning of 2945 though, an information runner passing the Earth’s moon reported to have found a signal coming from an old device located in one of the craters on the moon. Decoding the data from the signal beacon revealed a full recording of RocketBeansTV since 2015. It is believed to be the work of the extraordinary scientist Nils Bomhoff, who has also predicted every major breakthrough in science and engineering up until the mid of the third millenium – only no one listened to him.

With the combined effort of todays galactic media, it is now possible to re-live the entire history of the RocketBeansTV channel on your MobiGlass! Just head over to Youtube. (Note: to stay as close to the original as possible, the show is not translated to English. Please search your preferred MobiGlass AppStore for an on-the-fly translation app.)


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