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Red Dragon Crime Syndicate / RDCS

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The faceless and the nameless. We are the obscurity. We are the Red Dragon Syndicate.


The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate has had a long history as a criminal organization within human space, but because of their obscure nature and pension for murdering those who speak out against them, not much can be said about them for certain. Some rumors place their inception before the creation of the U.E.N. In 2380, but more conservative estimates show the organization making their appearance during the Second Tevarin War around 2603-2610. The RDCS were reportedly a nuisance to U.P.E. military supply chains through certain fringe worlds as small arms as well as some lager ship weapon systems would be “lost in transfer” to the front lines.

Not much is reported about the RDCS for quite some time aside from wild conspiracy theories about their hold on black market trading funneling money into political endeavors. It is perhaps these rumors that led to the more popular urban legends that tie the RDCS into the disappearance of Senator Assan Kieren. Some say that the U.E.E. hired a Red Dragon assassin to dispose of Kieren while others paint them in a more noble light, claiming that the syndicate was responsible for smuggling the Senator out of the reach of the Empire. Still, at this point in history not much can be said of the RDCS.

In 2715 all of that changes. There is an explosion of reported Red Dragon activity across multiple systems as public dissent for the militaristic regime increases. Activists and anarchists alike found the RDCS more than accommodating when it came to supplying black market weapons. The syndicate is accused of turning many, would be, peaceful protests into massive public shootouts with the military police. For the next several decades this seems to be the standard operating procedure for the RDCS. Supply dissenters with weapons, incite chaos, then move in underground operations (illegal gambling, narcotics trade, sex trafficking) while the government is distracted. The Red Dragons are a major player in most systems by 2785.

Just when it seemed that the RDCS is set to become a fixture in human society, a massive shift in social opinion occurs. The Massacre of Garron II serves as a wake up call to humanities reckless actions, not only on the front of colonization but politics as well. Shortly after Nathan Warrick is named as the first Director of the Office of Executive Services and the adoption of the Fair Chance Act, any ties to large scale criminal organizations such as the RDCS are seen as politically toxic. Humanity, trying to repair its damaged reputation undergoes sweeping changes which include a crackdown on organized crime. By 2869 the RDCS has been forced back into the shadows, splintering into multiple offshoot factions, most of which dwindle and disappear soon after.

It is speculated the the sharp decline in power of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate is a catalyst for internal fighting and many changes in leadership, because when they make their re-appearance in 2931, the organization emerges with a much more modern and dangerous face lift. No longer interested in political power, the new RDCS seems to have abandoned all ties to the U.E.E. or any government all together. The new leadership has liquidated whatever assets the old organization had left and invested it into space ships and military armaments, creating a nomadic organization that exists almost exclusively in space. With the inception of Voyager Direct and the space exploration boom that followed as well as companies like Origin Jumpworks, Anvil, and Drake Interplanetary making military quality ships affordable to the masses, a unique opportunity presented itself: a re-emergence of the pirate. The modern RDCS claims to answer to no one, and close ties to the Banu underground as well as hidden bases in fringe space insure that they don’t ever have to. This new breed of organized space pirate is both a threat and a boon to all of the economies they touch, human or alien. They always seem to have whatever supplies or goods you may need, but if you dwell on where it came from, you may find yourself regretting your non-refundable purchase.

Although the U.E.E. has a strong stance against piracy and illegal trade, most governmental officials will tell you that they are glad that the RDCS has moved away from terrestrial expansion, given the organization’s colorful history. They may, however, in the future regret not completely slaying the dragon before allowing it to slip into a much larger environment.


The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate’s primary purpose is to be a place where Star Citizen players who are not interested in following U.E.E. trade rules and laws can still make good money. We have no qualms about dealing in contraband goods including (but not limited to) black market weapons, alien technology, drugs, spoils of conquest and human/alien trafficking. If we can make a profit off of it, we’ll have our hand in it. This of course doesn’t mean we won’t trade in regularly sanctioned goods, but our focus will be on quick cash and large profit margins. The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate is not affiliated to any government or militant organization and is free to operate in any system.


First things first. It’s not fun to live under a pile of rules and constant scrutiny. With that in mind we have constructed a lean charter that will motivate players to work together on large marks but still let them have the freedom that put them on the “wrong side” of the law in the first place.

1.) RDCS will not require a player to pay a UEC fee to join or stay on the organization’s roster. That’s called taxes. We don’t do taxes.

2.) RDCS will not interfere with or take profits from a player’s private business ventures. If you want to smuggle or pirate on your own, you keep what you take.

3.) Marks (large scale operations) will be regulated by RDCS officers to ensure fair distribution of wealth. The total spoils, converted to UEC, will be counted and redistributed in the following manner: An immediate 20% is reserved for the RDCS organization’s bank. The remaining 80% will be split into equal shares. All RDCS members who participated in taking the mark, from fighter pilots and boarding party members to cargo haulers and merchants will get 1 share. The size of the share is the same regardless of rank or experience. Only RDCS members are entitled to a share. If you bring in outside help, they will not get paid by us. (more on marks below)

4.) Deliberate actions against RDCS by a RDCS member will not be tolerated. If you are found guilty of selling out a fellow member or other form of sabotage, a hit will be placed on your head.

Marks Expanded: Marks serve three main purposes for our organization. First, they are a way to get many pirates who would normally be flying solo or in small groups, to come together for a real big prize. Second, newer members or players who don’t have much time online can participate in a mark and get big rewards for any level of contribution they can offer. They won’t have to worry about forming shady alliances with total strangers who may rip them off in the end. Third, this is a way to generate UEC for RDCS and build it into a force to rival the innumerable mercenary and pirate hunter organizations out there. Keep in mind that participation in marks is completely voluntary and by a first come first serve basis. Also, a mark split too many ways may not be profitable i.e. don’t call in the fleet for robbing an aurora.

Organization Bank Expanded: An organization needs to mean more than just some people playing together. We need to grow and protect our own. The organization bank is a place for community funds that will be used to buy bigger and better ships and guns, as well as paying off bounties that members may acquire on a mission. Need some bribe money to get into port to sell your goods? Send the Org. bank a request and we’ll see if the port authorities don’t look the other way. All requests need to be in the best interests of the RDCS for a payout though (if you ask us to pay your bar tab you may get shot for being a dumb-ass). In short, the more money we have the more influence we have.

Officers and Primary Roles: After the initial officer and (main roles) are filled there is always room for someone to move up. If at any point you feel that you could be better suited for a different role in RDCS send a message to any of the appropriate members for an evaluation. After that step has been taken you will meet in chat so that you may make your case for a role in leadership with more responsibilities or any other area you feel better suits your current interests and play style.

Above all we need to be a unified organization.

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