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Welcome to Ready Player One! We are a social networking affiliate style organization designed as a community tool for our members. Originally founded as an alternative to the RSI forums on Facebook, this Org is our in ‘Verse presence. We are Org-neutral, friendly, & a great place to keep up to date!


Created back in September of 2013, our group originally started on Facebook as a general Star Citizen repository and mirror for all things Star Citizen, and related. From it’s humble beginnings, our group has grown to over 2200 members (and still growing).

Back in the day it was still rather quiet, but as the RSI forums exploded, and have become more and more overrun, our group has grown into the role of safe haven where members can talk openly, share cool cherry picked SC content, get help with anything related to our favorite game without all the headaches of General Chat.

The SC group has been re branded into its current form to serve as an in universe extension of the community tool on Facebook. The name Ready Player One was picked as an honorary hat tip to the excellent book of the same name, the concept of which is somewhat mirrored by the entire epoch to the gaming industry and high fidelity VR gaming that Chris Roberts is bringing to life with Star Citizen.

Since those humble days, the SC Facebook group (largest one there is, have a quick search), we have grown and engaged the community as a networking platform with a grand vision. We don’t just aim to be another source of news and chat, we aim to grow a culture focused around people and connections. Regardless of your in game alignment or opinions.

Equally so, in the vein of networking, The Star Citizen ReadyPlayer1 Network has expanded its associations beyond Facebook into many venues that will be of use post game launch.


  • Facebook Group: The largest fan group, org neutral, staying current on official and unofficial content, and a great community of friendly folk.
  • Ready Player 1: This Org here, basically a non-mandatory friends list for staying connected in game.
  • TeamSpeak3: Open to all members, and host to several additional network associated Orgs as well as sponsoring external Orgs to assist in their recruiting needs. Very active play ground with a global player base.
  • Chamber of Star Commerce: RP1’s associate Org, that will do a good job of extending the ethical, community, and networking we value here to players who wish for a more economic and in ‘verse focused networking tool. You only need to send a representative from your Org to care take your interests there, as it is an affiliate style Org designed around the principles of a Chamber of Commerce. Also neutral regarding alignment, with space for Represented Orgs to come and negotiate without matters of ego or location causing potential conflict.
  • Astrum Optimus: As the founder of ReadyPlayer1, I take community infrastructure and network architecture seriously. As a Million Mile High Club Owner, I also see the reason behind supporting an Org that intends to market all MMHCs and seeks to bring a quality game experience not just to the space whales that own them, but create another layer of game experience in the verse for the community at large. To that end, I have joined that Org as I will intend to open my Club in due time. If you’re a fellow owner, please contact Dicefailure (myself), or the Astrum Optimus staff. Dream big, and share it.
  • Several sponsored Orgs have already negotiated long term contracts allowing them to have a personal environment in which to meet potential new recruits, and likewise for pilots to shop competitively amongst the various Orgs. Win win all around.

Feel free to app to either or both the FB group or SC Org. Spammers and drama need not apply, pretty much the only guiding principle. Enjoy!

Please take a look at our rapidly expanding network of community associations, and look over our plans for the future! :) We’re transparent, friendly, and looking to be a community environment first and foremost. Here is the link to our detailed Mind Map outlining all you’d need to know. For ever..and maybe ever.

Our Road Map to success!


  1. RP1 is first and foremost a community tool.
  2. We will be courteous.
  3. For want of drama, there shall be sticks and stones. Leave it behind.
  4. Org neutrality is in effect.
  5. Helpful is always well received. Give and thou shalt also receive :)
  6. It’s alright to link your Org, just don’t spam us. Most of us enjoy checking out whats out and around.
  7. Spam gets the gut kick. Possibly doused and lit on fire.
  8. Affiliation only, RP1 is not intended to be a MO (main org)
  9. 1 Star is the coolest rank I hear.
  10. Have fun.