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Liberty's Reapers / REAPERNET

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Infiltration
  • Piracy

Preserving liberty and fighting tyranny. Focus on competitive PVP with victories against other top PVP orgs. We recruit combat pilots and gunfighters with great skill or with potential and dedication to improve. Interested in joining? Apply on discord.



There was a time when government consisted of and existed for the benefit of its people – a humble entity entrusted with safeguarding their liberties from domestic and external threats. The government we know today is a bloated monstrosity that views itself as above the peasants it rules, run by those who know no life or contribution to man outside of politicking and propaganda. These “representatives” spend their days debating which of our freedoms to sacrifice in the name of forcing the will of whoever happened to secure the last engineered election upon us. We have slowly bled our liberties in the name of compromise against the tyrannical overreaches of the UEE. In the wake of the Messar regime, are we to remain so relieved by the removal of the blade that we ignore its replacement with a hundred leeches continuing our exsanguination? Our corrupt lawmakers spend unimaginable resources convincing us that our opinions matter to them beyond the minimum necessary appeasement to win our votes. Most of us prefer to comfortably rest in this deception, as to accept the reality of our chains leads to no rational option than to deny the UEE’s authority and engage in rebellion. Liberty’s Reapers stands against this tyrannical government and its supporters. We refuse to surrender one more colony, one more sector, one more ship, or one more life. There comes a time for a man when he must act, despite the dangers, knowing he may die. Freedom through victory, forward till death.


I Each man, in affirming his bond to the cause of liberty, with fair judgement and sound understanding, will relinquish his personal freedom from it. Should defense of the cause force sacrifice of a moral, material, or mortal nature, each Reaper, knowing his life roots in service of a supreme nature, will abolish all hesitation.

II A man deserving of his station, when sound in his trials, will assert it not through sharpness of tongue, but rather the report of his fist. Should a man find himself in victory, and the conquest was fair as unjust exploit was avoided, the act itself will sound fanfare of his worth.
(Let your abilities tell of your skill, not your words. Prioritize humility and avoid bragging. Cheating in any form is not tolerated. Show respect to your opponent.)

III No man to assail the defenseless in absence of command or cause.
(Pad ramming and senseless griefing are forbidden. Doing so reflects poorly on Liberty’s Reapers.)

IV Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; however, in the maelstrom of war, steadfast discipline is the light of the shore.
(Major decisions will take everyone’s opinions into account. In combat, discipline and clear communication is critical.)

V To desert the ship or quarters in battle, is punished with death or marooning, as will be desertion of the truth.
(Cowardice and lies will not be tolerated.)


-Scrims with top level PVP orgs.
-Lightning warfare targeting enemy weaknesses identified through espionage.
-Raiding enemy supply fleets and bases.
-Widespread intelligence operations.
-Exploration and establishing bases, trade, and logistics clandestinely.


-Training with some of the best combat pilots in the ‘verse, both in individual piloting and team tactics.
-Custom badge with rank and certification.
-Dynamic unit structure allowing members to engage in a variety of roles and permitting great participation flexibility during campaigns.
-Merit and participation-based promotion with plentiful leadership opportunities.
-Access to capital ships as rank progresses.
-Fair distribution of profits.
-Close knit and supportive community where every opinion is sought and considered.
-Roleplay friendly.


Liberty’s Reapers is home to some of the best combat pilots in the ‘verse who are well known in the PVP community. Where massive egos, toxicity, and stirring drama were rampant in the competitive sphere, we seek to distinguish ourselves by exemplifying humility and honor. All of us value the cause of preserving liberty and strive to adhere to our code.

Qualifications we are looking for
-Skilled combat pilots or aspiring pilots who demonstrate potential (i.e. good motor skills, rapid improvement with feedback) who are willing to put the time and effort in to improve. Must own at least one fighter craft.
-Skilled FPS players.
-Skilled dropship pilots with a strong understanding of timing acceleration/deceleration to achieve drops/pickups with maximal speed/minimal time. Must own a dropship.

Traits of a Reaper
-Humility. An ego is a major barrier to improvement. If you are the type to claim anyone who beats you is cheating, LR is not the right org for you. You must be willing to accept failure as an opportunity for improvement and be self-critical and ready to improve.
-Receptive to feedback.
-Good-humored and not easily offended.
-Respectful towards others within reason.

-Real life responsibilities always come first. It is expected that an individual may be inactive during rough patches of the game or during busy periods in real life. However, you are actively playing the game, you will be expected to participate in training and missions.

Recruitment Pipeline
1. Join Lykosar’s PVP Academy discord.
2. Get to know our members.
3. Fly with our members. Express interest in joining Liberty’s Reapers to them.
4. If you are determined to be a good fit, you will receive an invitation to join.


In planning a campaign, central command (including Marshals and Chiefs) will confer. A Field Chief will be selected to plan and command the campaign who may be a Marshal or Chief. Upon completion of the initial plan, including resource and Reaper number allocation, the Field Chief will be deployed with a Shard (large unit) under their command. The Field Chief will be in charge of the success of the campaign. Accomplishing this will entail needs assessments, facilitating collaboration between combat and logistical forces, receiving intelligence, communicating progress with command, and deploying Executors with their respective Spears (medium units) to complete operations. Executors will lead Spears and will organize and command smaller missions contributing to the success of an operation. Executors will create Sword-level and Dagger-level missions to be completed by the Reapers in a Spear. Sword-level missions will be commanded by an Executor directly while Dagger-level missions will be commanded by Executors or senior Raiders.

Unit Structure
-Dagger: 2-4 Reapers.
-Sword: 2-4 Daggers.
-Spear: all the Reapers in a medium unit lead by one or multiple Executors.
-Shard: all the Reapers in a Field Chief’s detachment.

-(R) Raider: base rank, non-command.
-(E) Enforcer: commands a Dagger.
-(X) Executor: commands a Sword, alone or in conjunction with other Executors.
-(C) Chief: commands a Shard.
-(M) Marshal: org-level command. May act as a Chief.

Promotion is based on performance, activity, and contributions to the org.


Liberty’s Reapers uses a certification system to allow for rapid selection of appropriate personnel for a given unit, operation, or mission. Achieving eligibility for one certification is a requirement for acceptance but Reapers may work towards multiple certifications. Certifications are displayed on the badge. Details of requirements are disclosed upon acceptance.

Combat Pilot I
Combat Pilot II
Combat Pilot III
Dropship Pilot I
Gunfighter I
Gunfighter II


See history.


See history.