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This is the official Content Creators organization. If you watch, interact and play with us, this is the organization for you.
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History is a Star Citizen Content Creator Group Comprising of:
Twerk17 –
WTFOSaurus –
BoredGamerUK –
Mitauchi –
The Noobifier –
Terallian –
GrayHeadedGamer –
SuperMacBros –
And a Solid Backbone of Moderators, Fans & Friends!


The idea is that we are a social group that can come from all parts of Star Citizen to tell our stories and organize games of Star Marine & Arena Commander.


Social Free Sharing of Ideas and Star Citizen experiences. Redacted is a Social Org in game with no affiliations to anything, you can be a pirate OR a policeman it’s all good.
Respect peoples opinions & ideas, even if you don’t agree with them, everyone is entitled to their point of view.