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Red and Black Coalition / REDANDBLK

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The home of left-wing guerrilla action against the Empire and their megacorp allies.
Decentralized but organized, RBC is an effective irregular fighting force opposed to the corpocratic status quo.

RBC server on Discord


The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

At the end of the twentieth century, nearly a thousand years ago, the people were told they had reached the end of history. There would be no more wars or conflict, and the contradictions of our struggle would be resolved. For the last millennia, the mechanisms of history ossified into an entrenched corpocratic order. Yet, the revolutionary struggle was only ever hidden. The untold story of the Empire and its people is one of class conflict.

In the Imperial archives, we learn about the Earth Unification Wars, the first contact with the Banu, or the two Teverin wars. We read of the fascistic Messer era, and reform into a liberalized Empire. Brought by the progressive Tide protest movement in 2792 in the midst of the Xi’an Cold War, the New Empire promised reform, but reformism proved incapable of resolving the contradictions of liberal capitalism, and soon many old faces stood at the top of society. No matter the turmoil, the bourgeoisie have steadfastly clung to the reins of power, preventing the creation of any new political economy with a fair relationship between the worker and the value they produce.

Stories of resistance to this status quo are rare, and often either defanged, like the Tide, or relegated to the fringe, like the People’s Alliance of Levski.

Within this context, we formed the RED & BLACK COALITION in late 2949. We are the breakaway children of the Levskites. Dissatisfied by their quiet separatism, we sought an active armed resistance to the Empire, and to this end we took to Stanton, the heart of the corporate beast.

After two years of quietly building our ranks, RBC entered the public spotlight in 2951. We participated in the defense of Stanton against the Xenothreat incursion, repelling the anti-alien extremists, and shortly after staged lockdowns of major commercial hubs in Stanton, including the Everus Harbor spaceport. As we challenge the status quo, we stand firmly in opposition to right-wing reactionaries. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

Since then RBC has established itself as a highly effective guerilla force within Stanton, scoring major victories against the UEE, private bounty hunter forces, and outlaw cartels and pirate clans. In 2952 and 2953, these operations were fought at Jumptown, Ghost Hollow, and Stanton’s unregulated scrapyards. Raids were conducted against militarized security outposts and piracy operations targeting Gold and Quantanium production disrupted economic activity across the system.

Today, in late 2953, RBC operatives have been scouting the Pyro system, as we prepare to expand our operations beyond Stanton…


Our resistance is rooted in the harm inflicted by the Imperial government of Earth and their corporate collaborators, which must be countered at every turn for the sake of justice and the liberation of all sentient life in the cosmos.

The Empire’s “citizen system” is a facade of progressive order meant to sort and direct the population into immoral stratification. The rich inner colonists are given lives of luxury while the outer colonists are funneled into the military or resigned to sell their lives to manufacturers. Loyalty to the empire or submission to its devices is solely rewarded.

Despite the “overthrow” of the Messer government, the same companies, political parties, and titles remain etched into the slabs of the Imperial society’s foundation. All that was done in the name of the “revolution” was merely a changing of the hands that tightly grip the reins of a heavy yoke.

We remain unsatisfied with this condition.

We find deep concern with the suffering of all sentient life at the hands of the Empire and its repeated refusal to improve or otherwise make reparations for its wrongs.

The existence of these systems of oppression, particularly the existence of a system of “corporate governance”, serves as a boot on the throat of billions of sentient lives in Stanton. We commit ourselves to any means necessary to cast off these bindings.

The time of hiding in asteroids and praying we are looked over is finished. The consequences of idleness are tangible, and they can be found under the tens of millions of tombstones erected by the Empire, its bourgeois, and its corporate dogs.

The situation within the Empire must not be mistaken for what it is:

We are in a state of class warfare.

To newcomers, our explicit resistance may seem drastically out of proportion, but it is a necessary response to a situation where violence is eagerly levied against us and laundered through the guise of maintaining the status quo. It is a resistance to an invisible, systemic violence.

How many are killed on a daily basis due to deprivation of material needs, lack of workplace safety, or the Empire’s perpetual war on alternatives? Why are we conveniently labeled “criminals” and “pirates”? Watch how the oppressed are charged with piracy by the Advocacy while they defend the Empire’s relentless monopoly on the violence it requires for its own perpetuation. The only course of action for a revolutionary organization under these circumstances is the reciprocation of class warfare on its own terms.

All sentient life has a right to exist freely as equals; all working people have a right to the wealth their labor creates; these rights are of sufficient import to be guaranteed with armed resistance whenever necessary.

We will fight back. We will not apologize. We will win.


The RED & BLACK COALITION is an anti-UEE, left wing, revolutionary organization. We are a horizontally organized collective of like-minded individuals engaged in armed ideological struggle against the ruling despots of the so-called United Empire and their megacorporation allies. In addition to our military cadres, we operate industrial and civilian branches to support our operations and agitate amongst the working people of the ‘verse.

RBC is a non-sectarian group with members self-identifying as Socialist, Anarchist, and Communist, among many other alignments. Unifying us is a staunch anti-capitalist perspective, and a militant desire to fight for a better world. We value a community amongst members where all our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC comrades feel welcome, appreciated, and at home within our ranks.

RBC is, most importantly, a coalition. This implies a broad diversity of tactics, ideologies, and opinions. We ask that members view each other firstly as comrades-in-arms, and to respect each other’s autonomy and decision-making ability. We encourage spirited conversation and friendly debate on ideology and tactics, for we grow from considering new perspectives and evolving our own beliefs.

The Coalition is managed by two groups of members, elected annually, who manage the organization’s affairs on behalf of its member body. These bodies are public servants and responsible to the membership they’re elected to represent. Operations Council (Ops) manages the security of the coalition, while Member’s Union (MU) manages the syndicates and the general membership roster.

RBC is composed of autonomous Syndicates. These Syndicates are self-organized by coalition members with uniting aspects, be them revolutionary strategy, industrial aims, geographic location, or any other factor. Syndicates have autonomy in how they manage their affairs, from member onboarding, operational policy, to general tactics. Syndicates are managed according to their own principles and elected members in Ops and MU have no special powers within them, other than ensuring that the syndicates continue to function properly and within the spirit of RBC’s charter.

The current roster of Syndicates is:

  • Riot Dogs Squadron: Competitive Dogfighting
  • Broken Chain Corsairs: Piracy
  • Red Sun Industrial Collective: Industry – Mining, Salvage & Transport
  • Klescher Liberation Front: Jailbreaks and Legal Counsel
  • Fuel Order Express: Frontier Repair and Refuel
  • Infernal Partisan Corps: EVA, Open Terrain and Close Quarters FPS Combat


  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. NO BIGOTRY. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious discrimination, etc.
  3. No capitalist apologia or anti-socialism. This org is intended as a leftist group, and while questions and ideological newcomers are allowed, pushing your own counter-narrative here is not.
  4. No Imperialism or reactionism.
  5. No Trolling.
  6. No NSFW content.
  7. Keep conversation within an appropriate forum location.
  8. Try to resolve issues without calling moderators, but if there is an irreconcilable problem, contact OPs or the MU.
  9. On piracy and member conduct: We strongly condemn any in-game behavior that violates CIG’s TOS or RBC’s community rules. RBC members engaged in piracy will take all reasonable precautions to avoid targeting RBC members and members of friendly organizations. Should this happen, that person can seek recompense.