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Red and Black Coalition / REDANDBLK

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Free pilots flying under the Red and Black flag

Join Star Citizens largest left-wing org today! Liberating the ‘verse one day at a time.

Currently accepting membership for all professions and all levels of commitment.



The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.

– History of Socialism before the invention of FTL travel and civilian space flight.-

Pre 19th Century – Small sparks of socialism ignite in places like the 3rd century BCE Mauryan Empire of India and Persia. The Levelers and the Diggers briefly establish an egalitarian society during the 17th century English Civil War. But much of history is the history of slave societies from the Roman Empire to the Colonial Americas, where wealthy men subjugated the masses.

1800’s – Great thinkers such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engles, Thomas Paine, and Max Stirner create the foundations of Socialism in the modern era.

Early to Mid 1900’s – The Soviet Union and the communist parties of the Third International around the world came to represent socialism in terms of the Soviet Model of economic development and the creation of centrally planned economies directed by a state that owns all the means of production. We also see a large Anarchist movement of the Spanish civil-war, in which the workers rose up against the developing Fascist government.

Late 1900’s – The “New Left” rose in areas like Vietnam, Central America, and Venezuela. This “New Left” and others tended to favor decentralized collective ownership if the form cooperatives or workers’ councils. Also in this time, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela championed for what he called “Socialism of the 21st century”, where he held strong beliefs of nationalism of nation assets such as oil and anti-imperialism.

2000’s onward – With the help of the United States and other Imperialist and anti-socialist countries, far left extremist nations are all but removed from the world, only to live on through Cuba, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Other types of more “Liberal Socialist” nations do live on, however, in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

– Post FTL travel History of Socialism –

2214 – Quantum Travel was “perfected” by RSI and offered to the public. The first colonies of humanity followed in a traditional Capitalist Republics, following in the foot steps of major countries such as the USA, UK, and Japan.

2546 – Ivar Messer, rides his popularity as a General in the navy to gain him the position of High-General. Claiming the Tribunal is an outdated system and cultivating a fear of the Xi’An, Messer proposes the creation of a new single office with the title of Prime Citizen. Upon election as the first (and last) Prime Citizen, it isn’t long before he restructures the government into the new United Empire of Earth (UEE) and anoints himself Imperator, ushering in an age of unprecedented expansion, imperialism, and colonization. Radical left-wing organizations form a large portion of anti-Messer groups, congregating in UEE frontier strongholds like Levski.

2792 – The people rise up and overthrow of the government. Analysts have concluded that it was through Xi’an influence that the revolution and subsequent overthrow of Imperator Messer XI was able to succeed. The Messer Era ends. Erin Toi of Earth becomes the new Imperator and promises an age of enlightenment and social consciousness. This marks the first major Socialist movement in the UEE. Erin Toi then reinstates the Tribunal system, to give more power to the people against the Imperator.

2800 – Secretary Leon wins a contentious election to become the next Imperator. Encouraged to run and endorsed by Erin Toi, Secretary Leon highlights his work on the Ark during his campaign, claiming it proves he is a consensus builder who can also repair Humanity’s relationship with other species. Shortly after his inauguration, construction on the Ark is completed. Imperator Leon invites representatives from the Xi’an, Banu, Tevarin and even the Vanduul to attend the gala celebration. During his introductory speech, Imperator Leon appeals for everyone to help the Ark succeed in spreading peace and knowledge.

2805-2840 – Leon’s leadership of the UEE sees a large spike of crime in many systems, along with many planets starting to suffer economically. In fear of economic collapse, Leon gives up much of his power to the major corporations of the UEE. This marks an end to any sort of Socialist movement in the UEE for the foreseeable future.

2851 – The Stanton system is discovered and its worlds are sold to mega corporations, Hurston Dynamics, Crusader Industries, ArcCorp, and microTech. This represented a new height of corporate control and furthered worker mistreatment and precarity; a heavy blow to the Socialist agenda in the UEE.

2930 onward – the Socialist parties that were once influential in the UEE are now scattered across the ‘verse. Groups with the resources to do so have left UEE space to make their way on the fringes of the frontier. Small communes have sprung up and seem to be living a sort of socialist lifestyle on their own, without any kind of overlord, like the UEE. However there are still far left extremists living under the eye of the UEE, and many more without the means to escape the cycle of debt and corporate control. These people wait for the day in which they can rise up once again, and regain control.


The Red & Black Coalition is an anti-UEE revolutionary party with Anarcho-Communist tendencies.

The primary aim is the self-defense and mutual aid of its members, to establish an autonomous society separate from UEE control, and offer aid and refuge to those subjugated under the brunt of Imperial hegemony.

  • The Coalition exists as a decentralized network of independent pilots, without a central authority, and as such actions do not need to be approved and cannot be approved by some central command.
  • The Coalition is not opposed to violence as a tool for revolutionary struggle, a primary aim is the self defense of those that reject the authority of the Empire.
  • The Coalition strongly condemns acts of terrorism against the civilian population of the Empire.
  • The Coalition is not a criminal group seeking self-enrichment.
  • The central guideline of military action is that it must be directed toward institutions and agents of state or corporate power. Workers subject to state and corporate power are not our enemies and will be dealt with generously. Enforcers of hegemonic power will be dealt with appropriately.
  • We do not tolerate war criminals, and egregious actions taken by members of The Coalition can be denounced via open vote of all members.

The Communist Manifesto

Anarchism: What it is, and what it isn’t


This organization is intended to be a casual group with light in-verse RP.

Join us on Discord here

This is a broad org for left-wing individuals to play together and discuss both Star Citizen and the hellworld we live in. Your level of participation within the group is totally up to you, if you only want to join to participate in the discord, that’s fine.

Some amount of role-play is encouraged for this group, which essentially aims to be a guerrilla movement in game, but it’s not required and should not be to excess.

This organization is intended to function as a non-hierarchical group of like-minded individuals. During operations members will be chosen to fill needed leadership roles for efficiency, but this will be done in an ad hoc manner, based on group consensus and demonstrated ability. Organizational policy and agenda will be decided through a democratic vote.


Standard rules for leftist online spaces apply.

No bigotry. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or classism.

No infighting. Star Citizen is not real life and playing in a revolutionary org is not praxis. Debate over real world issues is encouraged but we wish to promote a spirit of education and left unity.

No capitalist apologia or anti-socialism. This org is intended as a leftist group, and while questions and ideological newcomers are allowed, pushing your own counter-narrative here is not. We do not allow support here for capitalism or for the parties or ideologies that uphold it. We are not a liberal or (U.S./Social) Democrat organization; we are a socialist organization.

No imperialism or reactionism. This includes not just ideologies to the right of liberalism but also right-wing fixations such as national/ethnic/cultural chauvinism and military/police worship regardless of the underlying ideology.

No trolling. “I was just trolling” won’t be accepted as a defense for breaking rules, and we do not allow intentionally disruptive behavior or attacks on our org, users, or philosophy.