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Red and Black Coalition / REDANDBLK

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The home of guerrilla left-wing action against the Empire and corporations, for liberating the working class from their chains.

RBC server on Discord


In the galactic sea of worker struggles, there come moments when the oppressed and the downtrodden find purpose to arise as a tide, united in purpose to crush their chains and own their lives. Every such moment has left the working class with proud history of organised quest for justice.

The proletariat watched with admiration the anti-dictatorship activists who led the uprising in Stalford, the resistance members of The Tide, and the pioneers founding the refuge of the People’s Alliance. With humility about ourselves but ambition about our ideals, we established Red and Black Coalition to try and emulate their honourable deeds.

Many of our members had involved themselves in struggles individually and as part of other collectives prior to the formation of the group. While their actions will remain undisclosed from the prying eyes of the imperial security apparatus, we can recognise the role of these experiences that left the militant people looking for like-minded individuals to join up in a lifelong campaign for liberty and equality.

This drive culminated in September 2949, when the citizen now known under the guerrilla alias Coyote of Mars founded RBC. While our respect for, and allyship to the People’s Alliance remains unbroken, we believed taking the fight to the core of the imperial beast – not watching on from afar as the state and corporations extract life out of toiling citizens – was gravely needed.

We have since steadily expanded our ranks with people of different left political persuasions, united in their belief of bringing relief to exploited workers, and unrelenting fire to those keeping them in chains.


The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.

The blood-drenched streak of the empire’s eternal expansion, with corporate resource wars and tightening autocratic control by the state machine, is backed by an ideological framework of manifest destiny, functioning to silence dissent, or at least export it to distant colony worlds. Accompanied by exploitation and degradation of natural environment, this vulture of a system has time and again brought us, those creating all wealth in human society, nothing but misery in return. While the explicit forms of power change, political suffrage may be restricted to one family or extended to the broader bourgeoisie, the foundational pillar of human civilization has been the exploitation of the worker for the profit of the owner.

Against this callous usurpation of human life, destruction of environment and sacrificing of generations to militarism, we rise to strike wherever the proletariat is exploited the most, be it by imperial state apparatus or corporate thirst for exchanging flesh for profits.

We aim to establish an autonomous society separate from imperial control, and offer aid and refuge to those subjugated under the brunt of the unholy alliance of state and corporate hegemony. While specific forms of our actions will remain secret until it is time to break cover, you will hear about us, and, we hope, rise to join the struggle yourself


The Red & Black Coalition is a militant left-wing, multi-tendancy, anti-UEE, anti-Capitalist organization within the Star Citizen universe. Solidarity and mutual support in our work for a better world is our basis for day-to-day activities. Our leadership structure and operating procedures are described within our charter.

The RBC is governed by two democratically elected leadership bodies, the Operations Council and Members Union. In keeping with our liberationary principles, these bodies are not to be authoritative, but to be assistive and facilitative. They help us protect the privacy of our members, and protect our organization from infiltration. They manage our infrastructure on discord and the RSI platform, coordinate gameplay sessions and events, and generally help ensure that everyone gets the best experience they can out of the organization and Star Citizen as a whole.

Recruits to our organization are given New Member status on providing some basic information about themselves. This role lets them participate in the organization while letting us assess potential security issues. They may be promoted to full membership upon endorsement by 5 Union members or a total of 8 including core members, and union members.

RBC is also open to alliances with other left-wing organisations – both on an ad-hoc, short-term basis, and for longer-term vision of alleviating proletarian struggles and bringing justice to those responsible for them.

Our goals exclude self-enrichment and propagation of influence for exercising private interest. The Coalition is not opposed to violence as a tool for revolutionary struggle, however we strongly condemn acts of terrorism against civilian population. The central guideline of military action is that it must be directed toward institutions and agents of state and/or corporate power. We do not tolerate war criminals, pirates and mercenaries operating against civilians. Egregious actions taken by members of the Coalition will be denounced via open vote of all members, with consequences of varying degree meted out to those violating our ethics.

We do not tolerate bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or classism. Imperial, capitalist or reactionary propaganda attempts directed at the group will elicit response.