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Relax, it’s ReddEx.

ReddEx is the galaxy’s premier delivery service. With over 200 registered pilots, ReddEx provides you with one of the most extensive trade networks available!

If you want it delivered, we can get it there safely and with much haste!


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official history document soon.

However, our Manifesto and Charter are already available publicly, feel free to read through them


Welcome to ReddEx.

Over the next two years, while the game and universe come alive, we here at ReddEx would like to become one of the strongest logistics groups in the game. We will strive to reach the reputation of being the best. The best for delivering your shipment, whatever it is, to where it needs to be.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for inspired and motivated players to fill all the roles needed to make sure we have “WITTDTJR” (What it takes to do the job right).

We offer:

  • Mutual respect for everyone, member or ally. We will work together with our friends and allies to create an enjoyable experience for everyone in the Star Citizen universe.
  • A group of people who all want to be freight captains/space truckers/smugglers and transporters. We will help others play Star Citizen the way they want to play.
  • The goal of making it to the top of the shipping and transporting game. If anything needs to be shipped, citizens should immediately think of ReddEx and what we have to offer.

The ReddEx Mission:

The ReddEx Fleet’s overall goal is to have fun in Star Citizen. However this does not mean that we will not strive to be one of the best. At launch after getting to know the game and systems in beta we hope to have an idea of where to go and where to start shipping to make the most of our desired profession and to reach the furthest corners of the universe first.
Our fleet will be a home for all players that are like minded. One important aspect which we will encourage are open divisions. While it may sound like we are only focusing on one type of game play, we encourage our members to experience any and all of the games mechanics and other content it will have to offer.
Being a freight and logistics company may limit roles to a certain degree, but not as much as one might think. Some of the positions you could find yourself in if you join are:

  • Marketing Relations
  • High Risk Delivery
  • Information Running
  • Escorts
  • Transport

Most of us are members of Reddit, and we have already started a great community there. Come say “Hi” and meet us at:

“We hope to see and ship for you all in the verse, and remember if the cash is there we do not care.”


Articles of Incorporation

Article I: Goals of Corporation and Organizational Structure

Section 1: Goals

The Goal of ReddEx is to provide cargo, personnel, and information transportation to the private sector of the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. ReddEx will be run as a for-profit corporation.
ReddEx will consist of two separate but equal departments, Cargo Delivery and Information Delivery. Cargo Delivery is headed by the CEO. Information Delivery is managed by the Postmaster General.

Section 2: Play Style/Tone

We are defined as semi-casual. While on a delivery, employees are expected to follow the instructions of superiors to the best of their ability. That being said, we are happy to defer to individual judgement. We respect the value of life; sometimes a mission becomes too dangerous. In such an event, we respect the decision-making abilities of our individual delivery captains.

Section 3: Organizational Structure

The Corporation shall have three tiers: Management, Employees, and Contractors. All employees will be expected to keep hull insurance on all craft up to date. Company funds will cover insurance costs on all ReddEx-owned crafts.

A) Management

Management are members who are appointed to run the company. This will include the CEO, the Postmaster General, and a COO.

The CEO maintains oversight for ReddEx. The CEO is the head of the Cargo Delivery branch of ReddEx. This branch includes, but is not limited to, delivery of precious cargo, personnel transport, and food/fuel deliveries.

The Postmaster General is the head of Information Running. In addition to Information Running, the Postmaster General is responsible for maintaining a catalog of ReddEx employees, as well as Independent and Affiliate Contractors. The Postmaster General is also responsible for the treasury.

The COO works alongside the CEO and the Postmaster General to manage accounts, appropriate funds, and hire contractors. The COO is also responsible for employee relations.

Together their goals are to execute the plans and desires of ownership to the best of their abilities and make the company as profitable as possible. This will include brokering contracts, ensuring the company, employees, and contractors get paid, as well as organizing tasking(missions). Additional management positions may be created as the company grows. The CEO, Postmaster General, and COO are responsible for selecting their replacements.

B) Employees

Employees will be required to fly a minimum number of flights per month in order to maintain the status of employee. This number will be decided at some near point in the future. An employee will have priority over contractors, and have access to ReddEx crafts. Employees will be eligible to serve in management. Employees will be provided munitions, fuel, and other compensations for official company deliveries. This is an at-will employment company and employees may leave or be dismissed at anytime. Employees may accept outside contracts, bounties, and cargo missions, but do so at their own risk. The company will not cover costs for any personal losses.

The company will maintain a limited supply of ships available on a loaner basis for employees who may lose their ship in company sanctioned mission. These ships are limited to use by Owners, Management and Employees only.

C) Contractors

Contractors receive a flat rate per mission flown and completed to the company’s satisfaction. The company will not reimburse contractors for any losses suffered during a contracted mission. Contractors who consistently demonstrate quality service and dedication may be approached to become employees.

Contractors will be split into two types. First, there is the Independent Contractor. This person is working alone and not representing any specific organization. He is essentially a gun/craft for hire. Second, there is the Affiliate Contractor. An Affiliate Contractor is hired out from an an affiliate organization. These pilots are considered employees during a delivery, but not for payment purposes. Affiliate Contractors will be held accountable by their respective organizations.

Article II: Compensation

Section 1: Company Fees

25% of all earnings from brokered contracts will be kept by the company. These profits will be used to maintain the ReddEx fleet, via upgrades, insurance, and hangar details.5% will be reserved for miscellaneous expenditures. The remaining 70% will be divided among ship captains. Crew disbursements are the responsibility of the captain of the ship.

Management and Employees are required to maintain insurance on their crafts at all times. If required to undertake missions that are not covered by insurance, the company shall make best effort to cover losses or provide company owned ships for the mission. ReddEx will not be responsible for uninsured crafts damaged or destroyed during delivery. Contractors are not required to maintain insurance on their crafts, but likewise will not be compensated for destroyed crafts.

As mentioned previously, contractors will be paid upon completion of delivery and at a flat rate.

Pilots are free to fly other gigs, but they do so at their own risk. The company will not provide munitions nor cover any losses.

At times chosen by the Management’s discretion, bonuses may be delivered to Employees who have demonstrated exceptional service.

Employees are heavily encouraged to diversify their ownership of spacecraft. There is no use to having dozens of the same craft with no variety. Variety aides in missions.

Article III: Code of Conduct

Rules for delivery:

  1. Each craft designed specifically for hauling cargo must be escorted by at least one (1) paramilitary craft. For every three (3) cargo-specific crafts in a delivery, there must be at least two (2) paramilitary craft escorting.
  2. If the cargo craft on a delivery is military capable (Cutlass, et al), no escort craft is necessary. However, one escort craft of any sort is advised.
  3. Delivery should be made in as prompt a manner as possible.
  4. Each delivery will be assigned a Delivery Commander. The Delivery Commander is the primary authority for all discretionary purposes during a delivery, not including the CEO and Postmaster General.
  5. Subordinate to the Delivery Commander will be individual captain. Captains are responsible for following the instructions of the Delivery Commander to the best of their abilities.
  6. The Delivery Commander will be held responsible for the safe and speedy delivery of his designated cargo. Should the Delivery Commander be remiss in his duties, he may be fined.
  7. An unsuccessful deliveries will, for obvious reasons, not result in payment.
  8. In the rare occasion that hostile forces engage ReddEx employees on a delivery, the Delivery Commander and all captains should make their best effort to identify the origin of these hostile forces so appropriate responses may be made.
  9. Instructions regarding Information Delivery will be formatted as more information regarding such topic is released.
  10. Escorts for deliveries must consist of no more than fifty (50) percent Independent Contractors.
  11. Cargo and freight crafts for deliveries must consist of no more than thirty-three (33) percent Independent Contractors.
  12. Cargo and freight crafts for deliveries must consist of a minimum of fifty (50) percent ReddEx employees, unless otherwise stated.
  13. Information Running is to be accomplished with the fastest available ships.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Members are expected to maintain UEE citizenship and may not engage in unlawful activities including, but not limited to, direct piracy.
  2. Only the CEO and Postmaster General may speak on the behalf of the company, unless otherwise specified.
  3. During missions, pilots will uphold the chain of command.
  4. Pilots will use brevity in all voice and typed communications during missions
  5. Obey notices on language and etiquette on TS room ratings. (PG, R, NC-17)
  6. Pilots will be required to maintain hull insurance on any ship used in mission.
  7. Any and all disputes will be handled by the Management.
  8. Employees and Contractors who have been found to have participated in piracy will have their employment status reviewed. Potential outcomes may include, but are not limited to, fines, suspension from delivery, and possible removal from the catalog.
  9. In times of a military threat to ReddFaction, ReddEx employees will be requested to serve military functions to defend the livelihood of ReddFaction. This will require cooperation with other ReddFaction membership organizations.

Delivery information:

  1. Customers will have the choice between freight-specific crafts or military-capable crafts to deliver the goods.
  2. Customers have the option to hire additional security through ReddEx’s extensive contractor network.
  3. Customers will have the right to cancel an order up until the point that the delivery fleet has departed for the pick-up location.
  4. Customers will be held accountable for delivering payment in full to ReddEx within one (1) hour of receipt of delivery.
  5. All orders must be communicated in writing.
  6. ReddEx reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  7. Customers have the right to request available members of ReddEx’s extensive catalog of employees and contractors.
  8. Customers will have the option to send one (1) craft with the delivery fleet.
  9. Customers reserve the right to object to individual employees and/or contractors serving on their delivery.
  10. Customers will have the option to insure their cargo for up to 50% of its value at a rate of five (5) percent of the cost of the delivery.