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Space is too big to think smallThink BigThink Red Eye


Space is too big to think small.

We are not just another fighter or trade squadron. We are Star Citizens first (and only) “grey” guild that is focused on creatively exploiting in-game mechanics to generate credits.

Why limit yourself to a small part of the opportunities in the galaxy? Why be just a fighter, a miner, a trader, a mercenary, or a pirate? We aren’t here to just be a small slice of the greater picture, we are here to help create that picture. Gambling, bounty services, races, “previously owned” ship dealing, ship sanitizing are just a few of the opportunities the Syndicate will put together for you.

We are not here to be good or evil, we are not even here to make that distinction. We live on the edge between civilization and the void to stake our claim. We work as a family to make sure we all thrive, we all grow, we all get the chance to do what we want, and we all get to make some credits doing it.

In the true fashion of the great mafia families of a thousand years ago, we are organized to make money. Each section of our family is focused on various activities and services we can provide to individuals and other groups in the sectors we operate in. These Include:

  • Gambling
  • Loans
  • Private Insurance
  • Escort Services
  • Bounty Services
  • Trading Connections
  • Ship Dealing
  • Intelligence Services
  • Security Services
  • And many others

When you join our syndicate, you will be assigned to one of our divisions. Working under their guidance and leadership to facilitate the goals of their enterprises. If you want to fight, you may work with the bounty and escort crews. If you want to trade, you will work with connections crews. If you want to explore, then you will work with intelligence and security. The opportunities are there, it is just up to you to grab them.
So what do you gain by joining? You get the protection of a family. If someone messes with you, they mess with all of us. When we make money, you make money. When not out doing work for us, you are free to do anything you wish in the game and keep anything you make. When doing work for us, you will keep the vast majority of what you make, the rest will flow up through the family. This money will then fund bigger, more lucrative, activities. This money will also be there to help you upgrade your ships and grow.

And just like our historical counterparts, you will have the opportunity to advance in the ranks. To become the chief of your own crew. To recruit members to help run your ideas, and to help you make more money. To become Made, and have the backing of the entire family for your own endeavors. And maybe even to become a boss yourself.

The Phoenix, our logo, represents the Family’s tenacity to persist.


We are not a roleplaying guild. We figure that our members have character enough.

In that regard, let’s establish a couple rules of conduct:

Don’t do anything that kills the immersion of Star Citizen: This is a wonderfully immersive game, with many real world mechanics built it. While other games are known for their griefers, this game will have mechanics built in to prevent the destruction of other people’s fun. When players don’t have fun, they leave the game. When players leave the game, the Star Citizen universe dies. If it’s LOSE-LOSE, don’t do it. Piracy is not griefing, it is a legitimate career path, and people who chose to travel in those sectors accept that risk/reward scenario.

Maturity: Many of the issues that come with griefing are merely symptoms of a root cause, immaturity. If you like to pull wings off butterflies or shoot kittens with a crossbow, you’re probably an immature Ahole who likes to project insecurities onto weaker individuals. The anonymity of the internet only enables that. To that end, we do require that our members be 18 by the time Star Citizen’s persistent universe releases, and ask that you resolve any internal conflicts prior.

Growth: If we can’t offer you something, then why would you pledge your time to us? What makes Red Eye unique, is that we are able to offer EVERY family member a chance at their own crew. When you start, you are at the bottom. If delegation isn’t your thing, you will still find yourself in a lucrative position with ample business opportunities and the support of your family. If you want more, we can give it to you. Recruit your own crew. Become more. It’s a large universe, and we’ve plenty of sectors to cover.

It’s all about the Family: Once you pledge your loyalty to the Family, we will support you, and we expect your support in return. A family can’t exist without its members. You will receive your fair cut and opportunities to make even more, but that which goes to support the Family will strengthen us all. When we grow, you grow.