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You can’t keep us down no more. Time to resist. Hear us roar!

R⚒H | Die Roten Hessen


We are no longer subject to your law. Now, we make our own.

'Man spricht deutsh'


We have a history of serious scallywaggling, offensive language and foul breath.
Care for a kiss?


The Red Hessian Armed Miners’ Uprising

Part One - The dawn of resistance

Scientific progress and praised economic endeavors always have been burdened on the shoulders of the working class man, when all he in turn could hope for was, that this day, he and his own would not go hungry. At the same time the management usually delights and indulges themselves in profit and luxury, hard won by the working man’s hard labour.

But with the synthworld they went too far. We endured and we have endured hard and for long. As asteroid miners, we endured the daily hardships of our dangerous jobs. We endured claustrophobic living conditions, bad food, no spare time and being far away from our loved ones for up to several years at a stretch because we can’t afford the trip back home in between.

Then they saw their chance for long-term profit by competing for their praised government contracts as mineral and steel suppliers for the construction of the synthworld, and things went from bad to much, much worse instantly. Competion meant maximizing the production rate while minimizing costs. Cost savings meant reduced wages, reduced maintainance, reduced safety measures.
For us miners this meant overtime, double-shifts, and with the exhaustion, the inevitable accidents began. And in our working conditions in zero-G, in the cold of outer space, only kept alive by the slim reserves of our mechanized pressure suits, accidents prove fatal in two of three times. Depressurized and frozen equipment can be repaired, people can’t.
Meanwhile, to replace us at a whim, they flew in more and more hoards of unlearned workers from whereever they could get hold of them. From the slums in the shadow of the big golden cities. The poorest of the poor, those without a choice. Always hungry, always willing to risk their lives for even less and less money, without the possibility to unionize themselves. But they are not the ones to blame, we would not have acted any different in their stead. They have become and are our brothers now and we lay our lives in each other’s hands on a daily basis. The decisions were made in the mirrored luxury office megatowers on old Earth and Terra, by silk-clad company CEOs and government officials with 400 UEC haircuts, sedulously calculating numbers, neatly piling them up into columns and signing the results with ancient ink pens made of pure gold and platinum.

And with more and more miners herded into overcrowded and poorly maintained quarters, living conditions quickly went from unbearable to horrendous. Hygiene went downhill, infectious diseases flared up frequently, weakening us even further and soon fatalities due to illness rivaled the ever increasing numbers of those due to injuries and accidents. With working conditions like that, what had been ‘risk’ before, now often came close to ‘certainty’ on a regular basis. New unlearned workers were the ones worse off, in every three of them one didn’t even survive their first year term.
We filed complaints and demanded improvements to our workings conditions, but if we got any response at all, we were put off with feeble excuses. Nothing changed and simply new workers were hired to replace the loss.

We started dying like flies, at an ever increasing rate. And nobody gave a damn.

Part Two - Remember May Day

… to be continued

Part Three - Counter-Imperialism

Part Four - ?

Part Five - Profit


Check back later…


The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.

Sorry, no credit cards accepted.

Rated *Adults only* for sexual content, realistic blood, intense violence, strong language, underdeveloped manners and rude behavior, mature humor, explicit mischief, excessive use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, gambling with real currency and not sitting down while urinating. Have a nice day.


Yes, you can charter us. Meaning, you pay us and we take yer goods anywhere we like.

About us and our organisation:

  • We are a small organizaion mostly consisting of some close friends which have kown each other already for a long time. Although we may accept also newcomers among us (if your stench seems compatible with ours and your snoring is not too loud), we do not plan to become a large org. If you really are interested in joining us, please send a PM with detailed information about yourself to one of our skippers.
  • We are a German speaking organization. Sorry, we do not plan to become overly multilingual.
  • This org is mostly just about having fun in SC as unwashed uprising miners, rebels against the UEE, also spiced up with a bit of smuggling here and maybe even outright piracy there, if your song about the glory of the Empire rings too loud in our ears. We do not have any far-fetched in-game goals or expectations beside just having fun. That is also why we are flagged only as ‘casual’, and we mean it.
  • Roleplayers are very welcome. Not all of us are roleplayers, so there definitely is some tolerance among us, at least as much as towards snoring.
  • Storywise, the Red Hessians are loosely based on the criminal group of the same name in the Rheinland sector from Freelancer, but have otherwise no connection and are adapted to fit the SC-universe as uprising miners who were hunted down by the UEE military and now try to survive by any means necessary and act as some kind of resistance / guerilla fighters against the Empire.
  • UEE brats are also very welcome – for target practice mostly ;)

Any questions? Suggestions? Donations? Birthday cakes?

Just contact me by personal message either via the forums or ingame. You never know, I might even answer. ;)

Yours faithfully, Capt. Lee ‘El Rojo’ Jenkins, Rapscallion extraordinaire

See you in the ‘verse!