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Red Impact / REDIMPACT

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Security
  • Freelancing


Red Impact Gaming (RiMG) was founded summer 2013 in the MMOFPS Planetside 2.
Quickly becoming one of the strongest Outfits (clan/organization) in the game with a peak in members of 600.
Our Leaders have experience in running small Spec OPs of a handful of players to Operations spanning 100 and more.

Our main goal in Planetside was to make an impact. We stayed active and in the top in PS2 until the game started declining and we have been looking for an alternative ever since. While we still have a good core of players still gathering up for Planetside OPs, we have ventured into other game like ArcheAge and have active groups playing ArmA3 and PuBG.
We hope Star Citizen will bring us a porper MMO World, while we are a team focused on battle we do not plan to exclusively do battle in a game which want to offer much more.

Visit us on if you are interested in joining us.


Respect » Respect the clan and it’s members, if you wanna stay one of them.

Loyalty » The greater the loyalty of each player towards the team, the greater is the motivation to achieve our common goals.

Teamwork » is “work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole”.

Success » We ain’t a casual team, if there is something larger to reach as a group, we want to reach it. We want to have an Impact on the game we play.

Fun » Games are entertainment, Raids/Platoons can turn in a job and fighting for the guild can sometimes require a lot of dedication and time from everyone. But we try to keep the balance between the success of the guild and messing around and having fun in the game.


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