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The Red Legion / REDLEGN

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The Red Legion is an industrial-focused organization headed by RedMonsterSC. We promote a cooperative environment where team members can take part in large scale mining, salvage, and refining operations.


2951-09-14 The Red Legion was founded by RedMonsterSC as a way to connect industrial-focused players who were interested in participating in large group operations.

2951-10-17 What originally started as a recurring weekly mining session formalized as the Sunday Morning Mining Session, occurring at 8am Mountain Standard Time each week and open to all participants. The Sunday Morning Mining Session continues as a mainstay of the Red Legion and one of the few recurring mining events proudly broadcast to a large audience.

2951-12-20 RedMonsterSC published the first version of his Mining Cheatsheets. These charts and tables were geared towards providing quick references to improve mining efficiency. These charts have become a mainstay within the Star Citizen mining community and have undergone frequent updates and enhancements.

2952-08-23 Taskforce Red, the private security division within The Red Legion, was established with the aim of providing security and close support for members of the Red Legion. This security force operates within the Red Legion on a voluntary basis and trains regularly in counter-piracy scenarios.

2952-12-23 The first iteration of RedMonsterSC’s Salvage Cheatsheets is published alongside the introduction of Salvaging gameplay in Alpha 3.18. These charts outline the various locations where salvage can be found and the key differences between specific modules.

The Red Legion eagerly awaits the future of Salvage, Refining, and further industrial gameplay.


The mission of The Red Legion is to forge a thriving community of industrious gamers within the vast universe of Star Citizen. We are dedicated to embracing and excelling in the challenging realm of industrial gameplay, where resource extraction, refining, salvaging, and trade take center stage.

Our organization is built upon a foundation of teamwork, collaboration, and camaraderie. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes players of all skill levels and backgrounds, providing them with the support and resources needed to succeed in their chosen industrial pursuits while providing unique opportunities for large-scale group activities that only the most coordinated organizations can provide.

Through effective coordination, strategic planning, and diligent execution, we aim to establish ourselves as a prominent force in the Star Citizen universe. We strive to become a renowned industrial powerhouse with unquestionable efficiency, reliability, and integrity.

As an organization, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, fair play, and respect for our fellow gamers. We actively promote a positive gaming culture, emphasizing sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendly competition.

Join us in The Red Legion, and together, let us conquer the challenges of industrial gameplay, transform dreams into reality, and make our mark in the ever-expanding universe of Star Citizen.


The Red Legion Code of Conduct

  1. Have Fun – Gaming is about doing something you enjoy, and at the end of the day, it is just a Game.
  2. Respect Each Other – Treat all members of The Red Legion and fellow players with respect and courtesy. Avoid offensive language, personal attacks, or any form of harassment based on race, gender, religion, nationality, or any other characteristics.
  3. Work as a Team – Collaboration and teamwork are key to our success. Communicate effectively, coordinate efforts, and support each other in achieving our goals. Embrace a cooperative mindset, valuing the contributions and skills of every team member.
  4. Everyone Gets Paid – We strive to ensure fairness in resource distribution and rewards. Uphold our commitment to ensuring that everyone involved in our operations receives their fair share of the rewards according to agreed-upon arrangements.
  5. No Piracy – We strictly prohibit any form of piracy within The Red Legion. We define piracy as the deliberate engagement in unauthorized attacks, theft, or harassment of other players engaged in lawful activities with the primary objective of personal gain.
  6. No Exploits – We uphold a policy of fair play and respect for the game’s rules and mechanics. Exploiting glitches, bugs, or loopholes for personal gain or to gain an unfair advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.
  7. All Hail The Prime