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Roberts Space Industries ®

Red Panda Industries / REDPANDAIN

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Red Panda Industries – we are a social Star Citizen organisation -built on the back bone of love of the dream. Oxford and Silvestris are streamers who wanted to give their followers and new found friends a place to have fun.


The true origins of the Pandarians and the Moorkish is shrouded in a bit of mystery. They showed up in the history books about 500 years ago. Originally from two separate planets in the same solar system, they discovered each other in space. After setting up trade agreements and working with each other, the two societies formed a bond that would save their lives.

During a joint exploration mission that spanned generations, the Pandarians and Moorkish both headed for home to share their findings and hope that some of the technology they found would benefit both societies. On entering the system they were hit by debris that damaged 10 of the 15 ships, the main ship in the fleet was destroyed out right. After they had regained control of ship systems and got back on their feet, the sight of the solar system they arrived in was horrifying. They had jumped into what looked like a massive asteroid field, and there was no sun, no planets, or any signs of life. As both the Pandarians and the Moorkish worked hard to gather data and get their ships up to scratch, they were unable to initially confirm their location. They finally managed to establish that there had been a massive explosion in what remained of their home system. No souls had survived. The surviving members of both societies, now only consisting of their remaining combined fleet, were in a critical damaged state. The biggest issue was they needed to jump out of their home system, with the majority of the ships without a functioning jump drive, and extreme risk of them taking on more damage the longer they stayed. In a series of events that would save them, but also would mean that they would be on their own for generations to come, the Moorkish and Pandarians connected all the ships together by any means they could, from welding to strapping, connecting airlocks. Nothing was off limits. The shield generators were moved and connected to provide shielding across all the ships. The four remaining working jump drives tied together and a hopeful jump was made.

The navigation computer that had been set to get them to a trading outpost they had discovered on their journeys went offline two minutes into the jump. The jump drives didn’t shut down, resulting in a perpetual jump. They only stopped when they eventually ran out of quantum fuel two weeks later. They were now in an uncharted system, with no way of knowing if it was hostile or if they would find much needed help.

Over the next 100 plus years, the Pandarians and Moorkish worked together to find precious resources. They also began rebuilding their combined fleet, with the aim of growing it and also allowing the reconstruction of their races, culture and societies as a whole. Both species were forced together, but from this point on became reliant on each other to live and survive. Both species studied and increased their knowledge of space travel and survival while remaining nomads in space – jumping their fleets and bases from system to system as they discovered new resources or things of enough value. Their ability to move their resources quickly and efficiently has seen them able to discover new systems and worlds, while farming provided much needed resources for use or trade. They take care of their own with full medical facilities, and also systematically upgrade their own weapons and technology to ensure the entire fleets’ safety.

When they did eventually make contact with another society, many years after their combined journey began, they were already survivors who had mapped a great number of systems. They had also noted important Vanduul movements, and luckily had experienced minimal losses as a result.

Survivors – Engineers – Explorers – Nomads in space – FREE


Red Panda Industries is built on a social and relaxed fun atmosphere – trying to explore new things together and enjoy the journey while helping others. We personally are looking forward to Trading and Exploration first and foremost, but know as the game develops the options will be endless.

For Pandaria and Moorktopia !!!!

Ambassador’s welcome (state in Application your status).



  • Red Panda Industries (RPI) will always aim for a social and relaxed fun atmosphere. Our ranking system is currently based on roles/affiliation within RPI, but will be adapted and evolve while the game is developing.
  • We encourage affiliates to join our community, as long as each affiliate respects and adheres to the ‘general behaviour’ section of this charter. This will have a direct impact on whether you remain an affiliate of RPI.
  • If you have any suggestions, concerns, or would like to raise any potential problems that may affect members or affiliates of RPI, please contact an officer first and foremost.


  • Both solo and team play styles are welcome. We are a social group by nature, but understand if you prefer to work alone.
  • We will not hinder individual endeavours, but absolutely NO piracy under the Pandarian flag.


  • Be respectful – of fellow RPI members, other players within the Star Citizen community, and to anyone you have dealings with under the RPI banner.
  • Be very AWESOME. As above!
  • Absolutely no bullying, racism, sexism or any other forms of prejudice anywhere. This is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Our reputation means a great deal to us all. Please do not intentionally or actively engage in activities and/or public discussions that are likely to negatively impact the integrity or image of RPI as a whole. If in doubt, contact an officer for guidance.
  • Be AWESOME. As above!
  • RPI will not accept or endorse the use of bugs, exploitations, or any third party software that could provide you or others with an unfair advantage within the game. Any knowledge of such methods can and likely will be reported to RSI.
  • Communicate – tell us you’re OK! We understand that real life happens and comes first. Sometimes this can have a direct impact on your commitment to the game. We totally understand! If you are unable to make a planned rendezvous or other scheduled activity that may impact other RPI members or affiliates, please contact an officer if you can. We don’t need specifics, but want to know you are OK!
  • Have FUN. This is ultimately a gaming environment and should be enjoyable for everyone. Please help us keep it that way.