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ReddSquadron / REDSQDRN

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Scouting

Welcome to the ReddSquadron RSI Organization Profile. Feel free to browse our ranks or enlist with us by clicking on the application button, or by filling out this form here: ReddSquadron Enlistment Form

ReddSquadron is a proud member organization of ReddFaction.


A Quick Guide to ReddSquadron

What is ReddSquadron? ReddSquadron is the “official defense force” of ReddFaction. We are a hardcore military-based organization with the goal in mind of fielding the best pilots in the Star Citizen universe.

What can I do in ReddSquadron? Almost any military role you can think of! We will have marines, crewmen, scouts, recovery pilots, ship commanders, fighter jocks, and more. Whatever role you desire, ReddSquadron can almost certainly accommodate!

What if I am a bad pilot and cannot do anything right? Do not worry! ReddSquadron’s rigorous training program will instruct recruits in tactics, communication, strategy, and skill in order to craft players into the best pilots they can be. And if you still feel like you are not suited out for being a fighter pilot, there are plenty of other roles available within the organization.

Do I need to have my own ships to pilot them? This may be the case initially, but longer down the road ReddSquadron will be funded by taxes from ReddFaction. This will facilitate purchases of ships such as Constellations, Idrises, and such. In the meantime, any ships lost will be compensated by ReddSquadron.

Do I require a microphone to play with ReddSquadron? Yes. Voice communication is necessary for training and efficient conversation.

How do I get promoted? Promotions are issued either as a result of exceptional performance and/or the need to fill a higher position. A member is nominated by a superior officer for promotion. This is then reviewed by Central Command and every month a list of promotions will be published.

Besides Star Citizen, do I require any other software? We will be using TeamSpeak3 for internal ReddSquadron communication. Please download the TS3 client. We may also temporarily train on Diaspora.

What benefits do I receive in the game? Currently, we plan on compensating members of ReddSquadron with in-game currency once the game launches. Members with more prominent contributions may be compensated for their work prior to launch.

“Hi! I am interested in joining. How do I proceed?” On the subreddit sidebar there is an “Apply Here” link. Fill out the form and submit it and, within 24-48 hours, a recruiter will be in contact with you. They will either approve or deny your application. If denied, they will state the issue(s). Otherwise, they will welcome you to ReddSquadron, outline the start of basic training, and answer any additional questions you may have.

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Foundation and Mission of ReddSquadron

As dictated under the Constitution of ReddFaction, ReddSquadron shall be formed to act as the “official defense force of ReddFaction.” In general ReddSquadron shall include aviation forces both combat and service. It shall be known as “an elite fighting force capable of rapid response and strong action.” It shall be organized, trained, and equipped primarily for prompt and sustained offensive and defensive air and space operations. ReddSquadron shall be responsible for the preparation of the air and space forces necessary for the effective prosecution of war except as otherwise assigned and, in accordance with integrated joint mobilization plans, for the expansion of the peacetime components of ReddSquadron to meet the needs of war.


  • to preserve the peace and security, and provide for the defense, of ReddFaction and all subordinate organizations;
  • to support ReddFaction policy;
  • To uphold the Constitution of ReddFaction;
  • to implement ReddFaction objectives;
  • to overcome any nations or organizations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of ReddFaction;
  • to fly, fight, and win in air and space.


You can find our full book of rules and regulations here: ReddSquadron Official Book of Rules and Regulations