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Roberts Space Industries ®


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REED Axiom: Research and Engineering through Exploration and Discovery.
Axioma REED (Latin): Et per ipsum et investigationis Explorationis Inventionis.

Your adventure awaits!

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The very foundation of REED is based on the core values of the Research through the Exploratory ventures of each and every one of our members. We would be remiss if the Engineering of our Discoveries as an organization through the uncharted heavenly territories governing our space would not merit our pride. We continuously invest in implementing this knowledge for the furthering of this organizations interest. It is this ethos that sets us apart from the rest.

Welcome to REED!


This is your adventure, OWN it.
EXPLORE the universe.
Pursue your DREAMS.
TIME is on your side.
Mistakes lead to EXPERIENCE.
COLLABORATE with others.
Don’t be afraid to TEACH.

You are who you are because of who you are! – Tekno (REED Founder)


Real life comes first.
Don’t be a hindrance.
Always be positive, upbuilding, and encouraging.
Respect yourself and others.
No cursing, belittling, condescending, or insulting remarks.
Play and have fun. Enjoy yourselves and the company of others.
Be patient and help each other out.