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Enlist Citizen Referral Code Club / REFERRAL

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The Star Citizen Referral Code Club

Enlist Citizen is a club where we rent and share access to our massive fleet of ships

Use StarCitizen referral code STAR-GN2F-6JLW to receive 5,000 UEC credits & club perks!

Membership is for referral code recruits & contributors



The Star Citizen Referral Code Club

Starting in 2015, a particular backer, DirectorGunner, started with an Aegis Avenger.
Four years later he became a Legatus level backer with an extensive fleet.
On May 9th, 2019, he and his wife started Enlist Citizen to encourage gamers new to Star Citizen, to try it out and use their referral code.
For those that use the Star Citizen referral code STAR-GN2F-6JLW, they offer additional perks within this exclusive club.

More details can be found in our spectrum channel, on our discord, and on our websites at and


Our manifesto is simple.

To encourage gamers to play Star Citizen!

Promoting Star Citizen benefits the Star Citizen community and
Enlist Citizen as an referral code club for those that sign up for Star Citizen using our referral code STAR-GN2F-6JLW
Additional unlocks from using our referral code may be added to the RSI referral program over time.

While we are a club within the universe of Star Citizen, we are a unique club specifically for those that have used our Star Citizen referral code and contributors. Our referral code belongs to DirectorGunner, a Legatus level backer with MMHC access and an avid community member.
Legatus level backing means any backer who’s billing amount reaches $25,000 USD or more. DirectorGunner has reached nearly double that amount. MMHC stands for Million Mile High Club which is an official in-game organization of Cloud Imperium Games for specific backers who either spent $10,000 USD or more on one or two different pledges with the MMHC perk or for those who recruit 1042 players who spent $40 USD or more. Those who have spent $40 USD or more on Star Citizen which used a referral code are called “recruits”. DirectorGuner has recruited a combination of nearly 5,000 players who are a mix of prospects and recruits.

What does this all mean? DirectorGunner has a massive fleet, and intends to rent portions of his fleet to players in-game. Starting the game with access to a massive fleet is very helpful and most players won’t have access to specific ships at all or for a long time when starting from zero. Here in is where our club is helpful to new players. Join our family of players to enjoy the game and skip the beginner grind.


Rules of this organization are simple

  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Respect all members in-game property
  3. Get approval from the respective owner, before taking something that is not associated with your account. Such as spaceships, pets, guns, and hangar flair.
  4. No speaking for the Org as a whole, such as declaring war on another Org. As logic dictates, your actions as an individual does not sufficiently represent every member of the Org.
  5. We are a club, not a full fledged organization. For cooperative gameplay, we encourage all members to join TEST Squadron as an affiliate or main if they wish to. Our main fleet supplier, DirectorGunner, is an officer in TEST Squadron, so please play nice with TEST Squadron members.
  6. You may loose your perks, access, and/or club membership if you violate these rules; or at the discretion of Club leadership (Fleet Managers).
  7. All recruits are bound by these club rules. By joining the club you conscent to and agree with these rules. You may also forfiet your club membership, perks, and access at any time.

Rules may change as needed