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Renegade18 / RENEGADE18

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Welcome Renegade Pilot!

If you are new, be sure to drop by our discord


About Renegade 18

Renegade 18 is a Australian/New Zealand based group of players currently preparing for the Star Citizen universe which is scheduled for release in 2015 with Alpha and Beta access coming out in 2014.

Check out our website at “”

We first setup shop in 2013 on a MMOFPS game called Planetside 2, we gained a reputation of helping new players become hardcore team based players in a short space of time and help players enjoy there gaming experience thru leadership making all the tough calls and ensuring they enjoy there gaming session.

Within the game of Star Citizen, Renegade 18 will be an active, fun and focused group of players with varying degrees of playstyles.

From the casual weekend warrior, to the serious 100 hour a week Centrelink dole bludger hardcore gamer, there is something here for everybody.

Renegade 18’s Star Citizen division is the second focus for our gaming community. We are based in Oceanic regions eg; Australia, New Zealand, Japan and more.

R18 will be a lawful, democratic guild for the upcoming space sim: STAR CITIZEN

We will be making it our glow to allow members to play how they want, when they want and NOT tie them down to a set role in our community as star citizen is all about choice!


Each Division will have leaders for each type and a overall director who will oversee all operations that role has being given to the one and only: N7jpicard

The Star Citizen community will use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate to one another for private conversations to keep it’s operations under tighter control and less known to the public. Thus it is a mandatory requirement to be in TeamSpeak whenever Star Citizen and or other games with the community.

If you need to contact one of our lovely administrators they are generally always on team speak to assist you with any issues you may encounter. Look out for N7jpicard, GhostNappa, ItzTank, Potes or SoulFrost for assistance.

Requirements for enlisting:

You MUST be a backer of Star Citizen
You must be a regular teamspeak 3 user (log into teamspeak every time you play)
You must not have a squeaky high pitched voice
Acknowledge we are a mature content outfit
MUST speak English