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Royal Galactic Federation / RGFED

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Welcome to the Royal Galactic Federation

Set the in the ways of exploration, trade, and peacekeeping, the Royal Galactic Federation is an independent civilization calling the outer reaches home. Strong values of honor, integrity, personal duty and pride form the core of our way of life.


Founded in 2942 by Richand Sev IIX, the RGF has survived in corners of the galaxy operating as its own civilization. Originally specialized in science and construction, the RGF has always had a strong military influence, often intervening in pirating operations and assisting other civilizations in interplanetary conflict.


The Royal Galactic Federation has thrived in it’s ways of exploration, trade, and peacekeeping. While a neutral people, the Federation can be willing to settle inter-system differences and stop wars. Diplomatic Exploration is the soul of the Royal Galactic Federation, and has been for years. With recent addition of the scavenger group known as Cryptic Warfare, trade and profit within the Federation as seen a tremendous growth. This increase has also bolstered military capabilities and combat effectiveness, making the newly formed Command Fleet a fearsome adversary.