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RageQuit / RGQT

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Ragequit is an online, ongoing social community committed to organized play, and casual community events in a fun and entertaining manner.


RGQT was originally founded in 2013 within the game Planetside 2, becoming one of the most dominant, respectful and active communities at the time. The community quickly branched out into other games and moved away from Planetside 2 where it lost its quality over quantity. Over the years and countless dramas, with struggle we have managed to bring back the quality we once had.

The most important aspect of our community are the relationships you can build with the core membership. With the rise of Covid-19 and the existing Lockdown we have come back as RGQT 2.0 and will soon perform our relaunch as we figure out a direction and plan for our future. Join us and help us build and maintain the healthy atmosphere we have come to love and to protect the new group from toxicity.


We offer hierarchical progression that comes with time (Trust over time) and activity but in the end of the day hierarchical status has very little meaning as it is a form of extra work and moderation for the rest of the community. We are just a group of friends trying to have fun and offer a chance to others to join in the fun and yet prevent any rising toxicity. Give us a try you might just fit in and like the people.

We are moving away from being a “Gaming” community and becoming a “Social” community that happens to play games together. Whatever we do, we will do it together. We will be removing “Gaming” from our community game in the RGQT 2.0 relaunch.


No active racism.
21+ maturity level.

We basically mean that you have to be mature minded but its really 18+.

We do have 2 other minor rules: No Politics talk, No Religion talk. But we do talk about politics and or even religion sometimes but that is only allowed when a humane conversation / discussion is happening.