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Roberts Space Industries

Rheinland / RHEINLAND

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Welcome to the Rheinland Organization Profile.

Home of the Rheinland Corporation.

Exploration-driven, the Rheinland pioneers are always up fo a new challenge.

“We are more than a guild.
We are companions.
Rheinland is our attribute.”


The Rheinland was a prospering region on old Earth.

As a symbol, it’s name and traditions became part of a movement inside the UEE, that left the UEE core systems for the venturesome search of a new Home.

A corporation was founded to protect the ideology and to create a new society.

It’s name is the Rheinland Corporation.

We are a family. Sharing mind and heart. A strong bond keeps us together.

We are Rheinland.

Founding member of the Star Citizen Federation (Alliance)


The People of Rheinland are pioneers by heart. Our mission is the unknown.

Far away from the core systems of the UEE, we search for a new home. A new beginning.

As a multi-branch corporation, the Rheinland Corporation is the achitect and pillar of a new society.
We explore.
We secure.
We trade.
We mine.
We create light in the darkness of the universe.

The Rheinland Corporation is a multi-branch corporation that covers most tasks of a state.


If you are a visionary like us, become an affiliate Citizen or enlist with the Rheinland Corporation.

We await you.


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