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Roberts Space Industries ®

[R✠U] Rheinwehr / RHEINWEHR

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Exploration

Willkommen auf dem Profil der Rheinwehr. Hier könnt Ihr euch über unser Unternehmen informieren und euch bewerben. Wir stellen ein!

Welcome to the Profile of Rheinwehr. Here you can get informations about our Company and apply for it. We are hiring!



Wenn ihr Teil unserer Geschichte und sie maßgeblich mitbestimmen wollt, bewerbt euch jetzt!
Weitere Informationen findet ihr in unserem Manifest.

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To Protect and to Serve – what once was the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department ages ago is our credo today. Protecting the borders of the Rhein✠Union and securing its member organizations is our daily mission. A trading run of valuable goods by Rheinstahl Heavy Industries? Maybe a mining operation of in unsecured areas? Or while exploring the unknown areas of the verse? Whatever tasks our friends are assigned to – we are there to cover their asses and keep the sky around them clear.
We are well prepared for upcoming military challenges and with the Colonial Marines we have our own team for boarding action and special operations.
To fulfill our role we have access to numerous spacecrafts of all sizes: from the “small boys” single seat fighters and the “big boys” multicrew combat vessels up to the “real big boys” capital ships – we have them all.
If you are interested in a military career and are willing to serve the people of the Rhein✠Union with all your blood, sweat and tears or if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our leaders.

Our goal:

  • We want to offer our members an enjoyable and likeminded game environment inside and outside of StarCitizen.
  • We also want to build a cohesive community which feels comfortable.
  • We want to regularly organize events and activities to have fun and strengthen the team spirit.
What we are looking for:
  • We are looking for motivated players of all professions and attitudes which StarCitzen offers. So just apply!
What we offer:
  • A community of team players who place great value on mutual respect
  • Experience in space Simulation and online games
  • An impressive fleet the more we grow.
What our mission is:
  • Our mission is to guarantee the security and order within our territory and a constant expansion of our sphere of influence.


** Security & Defense: The department of security and defense looks after our safety in the RHEIN✠UNION territory. Ensured by secured convoys and vigilant patrols.
** Intelligence, Reconnaissance & Infiltration: This department procures important strategic information and protects ours.
** Armed forces: Our highly skilled negotiators should basic diplomacy fail….


Just write a short description of you to our officers and we will invite you soon.
We look forward to spend time together with you in StarCitizen!

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Lower Ranks


Member on Approval / Newbie

Your first step on the Rheinwehr Career Ladder. If we accept your
application the approval time period (ATP, usually 4 to 8 weeks,
depending on your activities) will start.


Approved Member / Rhein✠Union Reservist

Becoming a Lieutenant means either that you have successfully finished
the ATP or you are a member of another RheinXUnion organization with
an interest in serving the military as a part time soldier / reservist
whenever your skills are needed.

Group Leader / Veteran Member

The Captains rank is given to Leaders who are in charge of a small
group of Rheinwehr members. Also, if you are in service for a longer
period of time, the High Command can honor your loyalty with this rank
without the need for you leading a group. It is as well the highest
rank anyone with a home outside of the Rheinwehr can reach.

Upper Ranks

Squadron / Task Force Leader / Capital Ship Command

As a Major you are responsible for a bunch of groups within your
Division, forming a Squadron, Task Force or Capital Ship crew. You
need to have approved social skills in addition to your military
expertise. Being active on a regular basis and the support of at least
two members of the High Command is required to become a Major of the

Division Command

One of the most challenging tasks within the Rheinwehr is commanding
a Division. Therefore, only the best of the best, with outstanding
social skills and proven loyalty will be selected for the Colonel rank
by the High Command. As a Colonel you are part of the Rheinwehr
Command, the council that leads our PMC. To become a Colonel, the
support of all members of the High Command is required.

High Command

Drake, Shinobi and Pacman together constitute the Rheinwehr High
Command. Each one of them is responsible for two Divisions. Every decision
regarding the overall structure, long term goals and visions,
contracts and diplomatic activities for the Rheinwehr are made and /
or have to be approved by the Generals.

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§ 1. Spaß am Spiel – das höchste Gebot
§ 2. Hilfsbereitschaft ggü. Mitgliedern und Bürger der Rhein✠Union
§ 3. Gewisser Grad an Ernsthaftigkeit – Gesunder Mix aus Spaß und Engagement
§ 4. Kampf dem Piratentum – Wir dulden keine Piraterie
§ 5. Kampf jeder extremistischen Ansicht – Wir dulden sie weder online, noch offline!
§ 6. Gepflegter Umgang in der Gemeinschaft – Kein Beleidigen anderer Mispieler und Verurteilung wegen anderer ethnischer, politischer oder religiöser Herkunft oder Zugehörigkeit
§ 7. Hungrig nach neuem – Wir wollen uns stetig verbessern und weiterentwickeln

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