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Roberts Space Industries ®

White Rhino Ltd / RHINOLTD

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Security
  • Trading

WRL – Keeping the verse safe since 2942
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2903 marked Thoshi Aaron’s official discovery of the Stanton system and also a turning point for the cash strapped UEE. The following decades would bring immeasurable riches to the Stanton system’s four planets and a rise in organized crime. Stanton became a haven for notorious pirate and criminal organizations, such as Nine Tails, Mongrels and Matadors who often committed hijacking, robbery, and blockading shipping lanes.

46 years later, to combat the ever-growing pirate threat and protect the trillions of aUEC in profits WRL was founded.


WRL Mission Statement
“Leading the way to a safer, More prosperous tomorrow”

At WRL our vision is to make the universe a safer place, we believe that everyone has the right to go about their day in safety. We aim to be self sufficient and to cover day to day operational expense of our members

WRL is a tight nit org that works towards common goals, We are a multi discipline organization, covering Trade, Mining, Industry and combat, with opportunities for all playstyles.

With the final release of SC we plan to have a seat at the table within key strategic alliances among the SC community, we acknowledge that building mutually beneficial relationships with other orgs will prevent us from being a little fish in a big ocean.

WRL Values
  • Discipline – We follow direction to work towards a shared goal.
  • Integrity – We uphold our reputation regardless of the cost.
  • Courage – We will stand up to any challenge.
  • Knowledge – we know our shit and always aim to improve ourselves.


Alpha gameplay requires Alpha rules – these are subject to change:
- Respect org employees, we are all in this together.
- Respect our alliances, do not target known friendlies, if you see them with a bounty, offer to assist to clear it rather than killing them.
- All other bounties are fair game.
- You must maintain your RSI account in good standing, breach of CIG Terms and conditions are not tolerated. – (No hacking, no harassment etc)
- Your allegiance is to WRL first, you cannot betray the trust we give by divulging confidential org or alliance information such as player/base status, location or other intelligence to other unapproved parties.
- We do not target miners or traders, we protect them.
- Stream sniping, indiscriminate pad ramming freshly spawned ships and trolling are not tolerated
- Do not take actions that would reflect badly on the org, especially for those wearing org tags.
- Don’t get into fights in global chat, we are PC gamers NOT xbox 12 year olds.
- Be prepared, always have Armor and ammo ready to go.
- Don’t mess around in ops, the game fucks us around enough, we don’t need people to do this for us.
- WRL Owned assets may be made available for personal use depending on rank, all assets must be returned, refueled, rearmed and repaired.

Breach of the code of conduct will be addressed on a case by case basis, we will be firm but fair with the goal of addressing any grievances to ensure that the org is able to achieve the goals set out in its mission statement.