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Roberts Space Industries

Ronin Interstellar / RON1N

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Trading
  • Exploration

Ronin Interstellar is a friendly Australian based Org.

We are committed to building a high quality community covering all roles in Star Citizen.

Be honourable – Protect the weak – Expand, Explore and Fight with Unity

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Information of Ronin Interstellar’s history is currently classified and will be released to the public sometime before 2950.

What we are looking for in our community –

People that wish to play any role in Star Citizen, from ground infantry to pilots, we want explorers, traders, crew members and the like.

We strive for a quality group of players that can work with others to achieve the best for their org as a whole, while having fun as individuals.

Teamwork is above all the quality we are looking for in citizens wishing to join our org.

If you have any questions or would like to join, message Kenshin Himura or send an application via this page.

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Ronin Interstellar was forged from two companies to create an Organisation dedicated to a diverse set of roles and tasks.

With a rich history, the organisation has a background in engineering/manufacturing and colonization/exploration. When the merger was settled and Ronin Interstellar was created, a small private militia was formed within the Org. to protect its employees and other innocent people within the galaxy from harm wherever the influence of Ronin was in the universe. As the organisation grew and gained influence, it flourished and stared to expand into more areas. Ronin started to send ships out to explore the universe, employed miners to collect rare materials needed for manufacturing ship parts and set up a vast network of trade routes to help establish more colonies.

With the rapid expansion of Ronin in 2946, the organisation found the need for better protection for its colonies and trade routes and in 2948 formed a large private military to maintain their assets. By 2949 the organisation was flourishing, it was multifaceted, strong and continuing to grow. While the organisation expanded, its original protocol stayed true; Be honorable – Protect the weak – Expand, Explore and Fight with Unity.


We are a regular group of Star Citizens looking to expand our Org.
There is only a few rules we have while we grow and those are as follows-

Don’t be an dick; to other players or those within your org

Listen to the directions of our leadership and if you feel you need to question them, do it politely

Help the organisation grow and prosper

Racism, hate speech and intolerance is not acceptable

Last of all for now, have fun in our Org, this is a game after all