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Ronin Elite / RONINELITE

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Ronin Elite Built on Family…Friendship… and Gaming.
Offical Recruitment Post for more info.


Welcome To Ronin Elite


Ronin Elite is a Community built on Family, Friendship and Gaming. Currently trying to stake our claim in Star Citizen. Originally founded by DrewDrew and the Comet Family, Ronin Elite has grown into a full fledged Gaming Community. Our First Game Conception was (Beta) Star Wars The Old Republic. We were created with the thought of having a guild that is able to support all play types, and give someone a place where they can game in peace without Trolls. We are a Privateer Organization that is lawful, this gives us the ability to try everything that makes us money. We are not a hardcore guild but we dedicate a lot of time to our guild and gaming.

Guild Name: Ronin Elite
Region: North America
Voice: Discord


What to Expect:

Were Big on Family and Friends, most of the time you will catch us doing tons of things in groups. Right now were trying our best to recruit good attitude players but were not out spam recruiting, the whole quality over quantity ideal. Figure one good player is worth 2 bad players any day of the week. Come check us out whenever you can, trying our best to grow.

Guild Name: Ronin Elite
Region: North America
Voice: Discord


When you are alone and treading the Verse, you will find that there is but few things you can count on more in the digital landscape than your Guild. We are built upon the ideals that Family, and Friendship will bring us success when combined with gaming. You will all stand up as leaders because you have no choice but to be great whenever everyone else looks away. You are a part of Ronin Elite and Ronin Elite is a part of you. Lost and wandering without a home, that desolation is not meant for you. You were never meant to be restrained you are Ronin Elite, and you have come home.