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Rookery Starfleet / ROOKERY

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  • Transport
    Transport is a Exploring Ship currently looking for Crew to fly exploration missions and PVP Fighter Pilots. Players must use Discord and be available to play regularly. For more information contact Ashember Discord. (English and a team player.)


Rookery is a Organization that Started in Second life then Moved to Inworldz, there is a lot of rich Lore and history to the RP history of Rookery you can find out more about this by going to


Rookery Star Fleet is simply put an Organization that will attempt to get the full value out of Star Citizen in Exploration, PVP, and PVE objectives we hope to explore the Universe, with a fleet that can handle anything.

There should be 4 parts to this, Divisions if you will.
1. Operations Command. The Commanders of Ships of the Fleet. This will include Support Positions like Navigation and Engineers.

2. Exploration Command. This makes up the Fleet Ship Commanders, Fueling, Exploration Ships, Capital Ships. This Command will drive us to explore, find planets, create out post, and be the meat and potatoes of what keeps the fleet running.

3. Black Talon Squadron. Fighter Pilots work with Commanders to develop plans and implement to perform navigation, surveillance reconnaissance, and rescue missions.

4. Rookery Marine. Small Arms Fighters that perfect All Areas of player vs. Player at the person to person Level. Marines will also play the role of Gunners on Star Ships.

All of these Divisions will create a power base for all players involved so that it provides Content, safety and comrade, which will provide long term homes for players.


Rookery is a Organisation that values above all else friendships and comrade among it’s players. So with this in mind we look for Mature Players that work well together with the goal of playing the game. Be polite to one another, no auguring, and putting one another down. Be in Game when we have scheduled events and study your part so that you know what you need to while in Game.