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Safety Beyond Horizons!

This Is Your Calling To Make The Milky Way Galaxy Safe Every Single Day.

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On February 16th, 2712, the Orion System came under vicious attack from the Vanduul, a race and culture of immense hostile nature. Planets and cities were burned down to the last structure, despite the best efforts of the United Earth Empire to beat them back. The civilian casualties were insurmountable, and will hope was nearly gone, a humanitarian effort was created out of the ashes of a once thought lost sub-capital city of Orion 3, Artemis Heights, where a flurry of RSI Apollo’s, Anvil Valkyries, and 9 Endeavor Hopes came to the rescue of over 12 million civilians saving them from certain doom. The unknown coalition of rescue personnel delivered a considerable percentage of the population to the UEE Navy holding the line waiting for evacuation despite the considerable pressure from the ground and air over the many towns and cities and of the planet. Eventually, the frontlines crumbled, and the Navy was forced to retreat to Sol, leaving 6 million to perish in battle, while others scattered went into hiding from the Vanduul.

When the Empire left the Orion system and headed back to Earth, the UEE High Command was highly impressed with the evacuation and security efforts provided by Astrid Fokvangr; a paramedic who serviced the southeast corridor of Artemis Heights. So impressed they offered Astrid the prospect of a civilian branch of the military, with the ability to provide general security and humanitarian support across the Empire’s territory. And so it was, with the support of the military and public services, Rising Phoenix Medical Services was born on January 29th, 2715.

With a new government-funded, privately owned medical service up and running in the Empire, Astrid believed it was time to get out there and help as many people as she could, right away she started with helping the UEE Navy and Army help evacuate civilians from hot zones during the many Vanduul skirmishes and providing security or towns on the border systems during the Xi’an Cold war. She passed away 5 days after Perry Line Treat was signed in 2792 at the age of 102, leaving her most trusted advisors to lead the organization. Having touched many lives and proved herself a fierce ally and friend to the UEE two memorials were created in her honor, one in the headquarters of Rising Phoenix and the other at UEE Headquarters in Sol III.

Rising Phoenix was named after the mythological creature of age-old tales depicting a bird that rises from the ashes, the very thing Astrid and her group of saviors did that very day. They defied death, defied destruction of their homeland, and defied the Vanduul, rising from the ashes of their ruined city and helping others to do the same on that fateful day in Orion. The tradition of saving and protecting lives has, and always will be at the forefront of the Rising Phoenix’s culture and doctrine.


Here at Rising Phoenix Medical, we believe everyone has the right to expert, safe medical care. Wars will rage on, people will take sides, but RPMS takes none, in other words, we are neutral. When a major battle is expected, expect us to be there supporting both sides with the search and rescue of personnel. being a PMMC, we also need to be paid, so whoever pays, of course, gets our concierge package, meaning priority rescue, security, and logistics support. If no one pays, both sides get equal treatment and evacuations. This ensures fairness to our customers and our members.


Mission Statement And Charter

Mission Statement

Rising Phoenix Strives to provide medical and logistical services to the citizens of the Milky Way. Be a pioneer in medicine, develop new techniques, and strive for excellence. Just as we take care of those around us, we also help our members with leadership opportunities, fair compensation, and equal voices.

Organization Charter

Rising Phoenix is a medical and logistical support auxiliary component to the UEE public services system. It will adhere to all Geneva Conventions set forth by the Senate and remain in lawful good standing with the UEE and its affiliates. It will provide nondiscriminatory timely medical services to all injured persons regardless of their criminal or non-criminal history, race, species, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

When requested by UEE components, or public organizations, it has the ability to provide logistical support. It shall transport or provide physical or digital assets from an origin point to its requested destination. It will not trade in UEE military hardware unless authorized by the Senate. It will not transport intelligent lifeforms without their expressed consent.
It has the right to defend itself against any and all threats to its members or UEE citizens. Rising Phoenix does not have the authority to forcibly take and hold land not owned by UEE or affiliates. It does not have the ability to speak for UEE or operate in ambassadorial functions that are not within the organization’s scope of authority.

Rising Phoenix has successfully upheld this mandate when the UEE, citizens, and affiliates of UEE are holding it in good standing. While in good standing, it will receive Senate-approved funds to support the mission mandated.