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Redscar Nomads / RSNM

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We came from the depths of Stanton, stuck in the ever revolving machine of work and stagnation.
Deciding to break from the well worn path and tear off into the cosmos in search of something better, only to realize that endless travel and exploration was what we craved from the start. Meeting untold numbers of vagrants like ourselves, we began to notice the need to form a stable yet mobile group of explorers to create a sense of community and belonging, with safety in numbers and a friendship so deep you are willing to lay it all down for one another.

Then one fateful night in July 2952, after a fierce fight with pirates, battle worn and weary, we circled our ships on the surface of MicroTech and had our nightly bonfire, tending to our wounded and telling tales of our adventures together, rejoicing that we once again had survived to tell them. This is when it was decided that the duty was ours to form that community and open it to all wanderers like ourselves.

Newly formed, we set out into the void, our destiny in our hands. Come join our eternal voyage, forging new bonds with every jump, and writing our own history, together, Redscar.


A Solid Support System

Mining expeditions.
Salvage operations.
Trader Defense and routing.
Combat and Piracy protection.
Finding new discoveries and beautiful locations.
Sharing the hard earned credits to create new and exciting endeavors.
Forging a bond so deep that we will lay it all down for one another.

The Eternal Voyage

Never stagnating in one corner of a system.
Discovering the new, the exciting and the exotic.
Nomads with a purpose, filled with wanderlust.
Our stories and experiences shared.
Greatness not only measured in Victories, but also by our compassionate actions.
Our arms open, ready to bring all who wander with us.

Our Mission

Redscar is dedicated to fostering a close-knit community of Star Citizen players who share a common passion for exploration and helping others, regardless of their background or status in the ‘Verse, we welcome all wanderers with open arms. Our organization thrives on the principle of camaraderie, where every member is encouraged to share their knowledge, stories, and experiences around the warmth of our bonfire.

While our members come and go on their individual voyages, Redscar remains a constant presence, providing a sense of belonging and unity. Our organization is composed of players ranging from casual enthusiasts to dedicated hardcore citizens, ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can find their place.

Redscar’s profession programs offer a deeper and more immersive experience for those seeking a greater level of engagement. Whether you’re interested in mining, salvage, trading, combat, racing, or rescue operations, our profession programs provide avenues for members to develop their skills and pursue their passions. We organize monthly events that cater to both casual and dedicated players, offering a range of activities from relaxed gatherings to complex and challenging missions.

At Redscar, we believe in the power of community and the joy of shared experiences. We strive to create an environment where friendships are forged, stories are shared, and memories are made. Join us on our eternal voyage through the stars, where every member is valued and where the bonfire of friendship burns brightly for all.


The Redscar Code

  • Rules to be followed by all who wander with us
  • 1. Help First. Combat Second. Redscar will always try to help wanderers, no matter background or status.
  • 2. Bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination in general has no place in Redscar.
  • 3. Extreme or excessive profanity is not allowed, including in any usernames.
  • 4. Have respect for one another. We are all Wanderers in the end.
  • 5. Any disagreements that cannot be resolved in private need to be brought to The Pioneer.
  • 6. To become a full member of Redscar, you must participate in voice for a length of time so we all get to know you and make sure you fit in with us.
  • Redscar and Piracy
  • Our definition of Piracy: Extorting another PLAYER in any way while in the Stanton system.
  • Redscar is against piracy. We do not condone it or actively participate in it. We DO recognize it as a legitimate game play loop. Members are not restricted in what they do on their own time away from Redscar or with another Org. With that said, we do have 3 items that need to be followed.
  • 1. If you commit any acts of piracy on your own time, or with another Org, you must first redact Redscar on your RSI profile and then also refrain from referencing Redscar at all during any questionable acts.
  • 2. If you end up in a bad situation while pirating out on your own, you cannot request rescue or any form of help from back here at Redscar.
  • 3. No PvP piracy gameplay allowed in Redscar discord.
  • Discord is our primary voice communication service and is 18+. Required to join.
  • Failure to follow our code can result in removal.


Rank Hierarchy

  • The Pioneer: MurphyJack, responsible for keeping our group together, safe and oversee the entire group. Questions should be directed to him.
  • Founder: An honorary title given to Weenerdawg, SapphireFire and Mia for their work in forming this group with MurphyJack.
  • Voyager: Has demonstrated an unwavering support for the idea and concept of Redscar, have a deep commitment to keeping our band of Nomads together, has helped Redscar in an immense way and earned the admiration of their fellow members. Been nominated by at least two members, then approved by and inducted by The Pioneer. Awarded a Voyager Tribute gift.
  • Scout: Full member of Redscar. Earning this comes after some time spent wandering with us. Promoted at the Redscar Ritual bonfire and able to be nominated for Voyager and also nominate fellow Scouts for Voyager. Able to participate in giveaways!
  • Vagrant: A person who has expressed a want to become Redscar and applied on the RSI page. A trial role.
  • Every person no matter their place in our hierarchy or membership status can influence our group. We listen to every opinion to help move our group forward. Issues are always talked about and handled in a way that includes the entire group. It’s who we are and makes us what we are!



  • No nomad is segregated in what profession they chose to do, part of our culture is to do only what you feel like in the moment. You can participate in none or ALL of our profession programs! Check our Infobook on our website for more information!



  • We host custom events weekly that cover all aspects of Star Citizen, from industrial to combat. Exploration to racing, we do it all! Stop by our discord for more information!