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Redscar Nomads / RSNM

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> DISCORD (18+) <



We came from the depths of Stanton

Stuck in the ever-revolving machine of work and listlessness The Founders chose to break from Stanton’s monotony. They tore off into the ‘Verse, in search of something better. In their escape, they witnessed a revelation; a call from the ‘Verse toward an unending journey of humanity and meddling curiosity – The Eternal Voyage. Upon meeting vagrants like themselves, The Founders lit the first Bonfire, a wayfaring beacon in the void. Vagrants alike found refuge there, and formed the first Flotilla of Redscar Nomads. Since then, Nomads survive and wander, committing themselves to making contributions to the Eternal Voyage.



Redscar Nomads are committed to making contributions to the Eternal Voyage. By helping those in need, sharing their knowledge, and chasing the unknown, Nomads build a better, more fulfilling ‘Verse for all who cross their paths.

The Eternal Voyage

The ‘Verse beckons…What is “The Eternal Voyage?”
‍Demanding only compassion and discovery, The Eternal Voyage is a shared journey that drives Nomads’ purpose and prepares them for endless learning and fulfillment. Be good. Be curious. Be Voyager.


The ‘Verse beckons me on the Eternal Voyage
It demands self-emancipation
Compassion is my ally
The unknown my revelation
I thrive by deeds and company
Passing through its crowded void
In it I will light a great bonfire
Calling on my vagrant kin
I lend my life to this purpose
I become Voyager.


The Redscar Code

  • Rules to be followed by all who wander with us
  • 1. Help First. Combat Second. Redscar will always try to help wanderers, no matter background or status.
  • 2. Bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination in general has no place in Redscar.
  • 3. Extreme or excessive profanity is not allowed, including in any usernames.
  • 4. Have respect for one another. We are all Wanderers in the end.
  • 5. Any disagreements that cannot be resolved in private need to be brought to The Pioneer.
  • 6. To become a full member of Redscar, you must participate in voice for a length of time so we all get to know you and make sure you fit in with us.
  • 7. Respect Voice comms. If joining a Focused channel, please be courteous.
  • Redscar and Piracy
  • Our definition of Piracy: Extorting another CITIZEN in any way while in the Stanton system.
  • Redscar is against piracy. We do not condone it or actively participate in it. We DO recognize it as a legitimate game play loop. Members are not restricted in what they do on their own time away from Redscar or with another Org. With that said, we do have 3 items that need to be followed.
  • 1. If you commit any acts of piracy on your own time, or with another Org, you must first redact Redscar on your RSI profile and then also refrain from referencing Redscar at all during any questionable acts.
  • 2. If you end up in a bad situation while pirating out on your own, you cannot request rescue or any form of help from back here at Redscar.
  • 3. No PvP pro-piracy gameplay allowed in Redscar discord. (Anti-piracy ops are obviously welcome.)
  • Discord is our primary voice communication service and is 18+. Required to join.
  • Failure to follow our code can result in removal.


Rank Hierarchy

  • The Pioneer: MurphyJack, responsible for keeping our group together, safe and oversee the entire group. Questions should be directed to him.
  • Founder: An honorary title given to Weenerdawg, SapphireFire and Mia for their work in forming this group with MurphyJack.
  • Voyager: One who makes consistent and exceptional contributions to the Eternal Voyage.
  • Scout: Full member of Redscar Nomads.
  • Vagrant: A person who has expressed a want to become a Redscar Nomad and applied on the RSI page. A trial role.
  • Every person no matter their place in our hierarchy or membership status can influence our group. We listen to every opinion to help move our group forward. Issues are always talked about and handled in a way that includes the entire group. It’s who we are and makes us what we are!