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RTA Trading / RTAT

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RTA Trading is more than just a corporation, it’s home for many citizens of Stanton!

We boast an average of over 75% actual members to affiliates, which is due in part to our great infrastructure, and our sense of community!

Join the Discord Server here!



Aug 15 – RTA Trading undergoes a major server renovation, to update the Discord to modern standards.
Aug 14 – RTA Trading teams up with 7th Fleet to provide logistics support, and to help grow both communities.
July 07 – RTA Trading members prepare to aid and arm citizens to fight the growing Ninetails gang
Jan. 05 – RTA Trading slows down operations as we move home location


Apr. 24 – Star Citizen 3.13.0 is released!
Mar. 19 – RTA Trading celebrates its fifth year of operations!
Feb. 11 – RTA Trading takes part in the Xenothreat fight with the UEE to defend the Stanton System!


Dec. 17 – Star Citizen 3.12.0 is released!
Oct. 8 – Star Citizen 3.11.0 is released!
Aug. 5 – Star Citizen 3.10.0 is released!
May. 30 – Employee Serethil is promoted to the Recruiter rank!
Apr. 29 – Star Citizen 3.9.0 is released!


Dec. 21 – Star Citizen 3.8.0 is released!
Oct. 11 – Star Citizen 3.7.0 is released!
Jul. 19 – Star Citizen 3.6.0 is released!
Apr. 17 – Star Citizen 3.5.0 is released!
Apr. 03 – RTA Trading takes part in the Coffee Cup with multiple other organisations!


Dec. 21 – Star Citizen 3.4.0 is released!
Dec. 08 – RTA Trading launches its first weekly event! This event focused on bulk cargo hauling with an adequate defence fleet.
Dec. 02 – RTA Trading reaches 125 members!
Nov. 23 – Active recruitment efforts were restarted to continue the growth of the corporation.
Nov. 21 – Star Citizen 3.3.5 is released!
Nov. 10 – Star Citizen 3.3.0 is released!
Jul. 25 – RTA Trading assigns its new Mining Division Head Position to Doc4!
Jun. 30 – Star Citizen 3.2.0 is released!
Mar. 31 – Star Citizen 3.1.0 is released!


Dec. 30 – The RTA Trading hierarchy was changed. The new ranks are Co-founder, Division Head and Team Leader. These ranks replace Senior Partner, Partner and Manager. Employee and Part Time ranks remain unchanged.
Dec. 27 – RTA Trading assigns its new Defense Manager role to MobiusZero!
Dec. 09 – RTA Trading breaks 100 members!
Nov. 28 – RTA Trading breaks 90 members!
Nov. 21 – The RTA Trading Recruitment Team is formed, to help expand their reach throughout the ‘verse.
Nov. 18 – RTA Trading assigns its new HR Position to ServokGaming!
Nov. 13 – RTA Trading breaks 80 members!
Nov. 02 – RTA Trading breaks 70 members!
Oct. 13 – RTA Trading assigns its new Cargo Manager role to Kalagen.
Sep. 17 – RTA Trading breaks 50 members!


Short Term Goals [As of Apr. 2951]

Recruitment and corporate outreach for RTA Trading continues to be a priority as we grow the corporation. Maintaining a steady flow of new players will allow us to grow as a community and also help new players that want to learn the ropes. Maintaining contact with other organisations that pursue similar or other goals will help support RTAT throughout its time in the ‘verse.

With the release of 3.13.0, we continue to increase player interaction, and start pursuing actual cargo fleets. This training will be vital to ensuring the protection of our cargo fleet. It will also show insight into how our future cargo operations will be created, and allow new/old players to understand the current state of Star Citizen.

Long Term Goals [As of Apr. 2951]

RTA Trading plans to have 2 main income methods. The first involves just moving cargo from A to B and selling raw resources we mine. Simple.
The second method is a little more complicated. We start off by mining resources and importing specific materials, then manufacturing goods, and then selling these goods.

So to summarize
-Selling raw resources
-Moving Cargo from A to B
-Mining —> Manufacturing —> Hauling Goods to buyer

Our other income methods will come from taxing independent runs that use our image, selling data we collect from exploring trade routes, selling legally acquired salvage and other smaller means.


As our organisation grows, we want to help our members as much as possible. Anyone from a Mustang to a Merchantman. In the distant future, we plan to offer a program that will allow you to upgrade your ship immediately through RTAT, to perhaps a Hornet, HULL or Hurricane at the cost of a few jobs for us. Then you get to keep the ship at the end! How great is that! This means that we can help YOU upgrade to a worthwhile ship, and you can help us run a few jobs by, and hey, you’ll meet some awesome people on the way! This deal can also apply to weapons, internal components, cup holders etc.
(May or may not include complimentary/mandatory RTA colours paint job)

We want people to enjoy Star Citizen to its fullest potential, and we want to help these people recognise their furthest goals. We want to see YOU discover that new jump point, or that new life form on Asura. If we can help in any way, we’ll try!


Cargo Division

Cargo Pilot, Co-pilot, Engineer, Loadmaster, Turret Gunner, Additional Crew, Navigator

Mining Division

General Miner, Mining Pilot, Engineer, Additional Crew

Manufacturing Division

Roles to be established.

Logistics Division

Refuel Crew, Repair Crew, Rearm Crew, Engineer, Crew Transport, Ship Transport

Defense Division

Scout, Multiple Pilot Roles, Turret Gunner, Capital Ship Crew, Engineer, Additional Crew



To be a member of RTA Trading, you must meet the minimum age of 16 years. This means if you were born before 2935, you cannot participate in our activities.


At RTA Trading, we expect you to follow some very basic rules. These are to ensure the best experience for all members.

1. Don’t be a jerk
2. Don’t intentionally start drama.
3. Members must respect other members. A lack of trust can lead to serious issues down the line.
4. In the event of drama or hostility in game, Spectrum, Discord or anywhere else, report it to a higher member of staff immediately. Don’t take matters into your own hands.
5. No bullying, racism, sexism or any other forms of prejudice anywhere when you are representing RTAT or anywhere on our communication platforms.
6. Don’t advertise other communities, discord servers etc whilst in game or on our communication platforms.
7. Don’t ask to be promoted to a higher role. If there are openings, they will be advertised appropriately.
8. You cannot progress through the ranks of RTAT if you are an affiliate of our corporation. To start progressing, you must become a full member.
9. If you become an affiliate after being a main member, you will lose all progress you have achieved as an Employee, Team Leader or Division Head.
10. You may keep other organisations hidden or redacted, however Co-founders MUST know who these groups are. This is to avoid espionage from piracy groups.
11. Being affiliated with piracy groups is not allowed at RTAT. Your membership will be permanently terminated if you are affiliated at any point.
12. Conducting illicit activities under the RTAT name is strictly prohibited, and you will be heavily penalised for it. Multiple infractions are punishable by immediate expulsion from the corporation.


Whenever you are ingame, remember that you are representing RTA Trading, regardless if you’re an Co-founder, Division Head, Team Leader, Employee or Affiliate.

1. If you are an employee or higher, it is essential you represent RTA by the use of the appropriate tags when they become available.
2. Always listen to your fleet leader.


At RTA Trading, we want to minimize casualties and damages at all costs. To ensure this is done to the highest standard, we have compiled a “Rules of Engagement” section.

1. Only Engage Combatants
You are only to engage ships that are actively hostile towards you or your fellow ships. Acts of aggression with no reason are strictly prohibited and will be met with serious consequences.
2. Avoid civilian casualties
Targeting civilian ships is absolutely prohibited, and will be met with immediate expulsion from RTAT.
3. Respect Protective Symbols
When in a firefight, if you notice a Cutlass Red or any other medical ship, do NOT fire upon it. The enemy that are wounded or hurt have the right to medical care, regardless of their past actions.
4. Don’t chase fleeing ships
If a ship that has engaged you starts to run, let them. If they have chosen to flee, they are not in a position to fight.
5. Aim to wound, not to kill.
Your job as a escort pilot or turret gunner is to defend the fleet, not to mercilessly kill enemies. Aim to make their ships unusable in conflict by disabling their engines or weapons. They can pop a distress call instead of being brutally killed.
6. Use proportional response
Firing off a size 7 torpedo against an Aurora is very overkill, and also expensive. When engaging a target, aim to disable it with the least force required.