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Rugulz / RUGULZ

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Piracy
  • Infiltration

Composed of arguably famous, or infamous, names – Rugulz can either be found in Global Chat putting on a show or in the skies wreaking havoc. We do such to appease the insatiable bloodlust of our leader, Reginald.


Rugulz was founded on the ideals that Vindication, Reprisal and that Fairness and Equality should be applied to all aspects of life, especially death. We hunger for blood, violence but most of all Pico and Reginald, our Lord and Saviors.

We are on a conquest for Universe-wide Domination and Superiority, Piracy and Control and will not stop until we have conquered every system.


Intent: Universe-Wide Domination and Superiority; Piracy and Control.

Views: We believe in fairness and equality in bloodshed and death.

Motivation: Vindication, Reprisal and Power.

Specific: We aim to take over the Universe, one kill at a time.

Measurable: When our numbers have grown a copious amount, and when we’ve lost count of how many drops of blood have been shed.

Achievable: Indubitably.

Realistic: Absolutely.

Time stops for no citizen- We will leave a legacy.


Who’s asking?