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The Rumble Bees / RUMBLEBEES

  • Club
  • Casual
  • Exclusive
  • Exploration
  • Social

Welcome to The Rumble Bees. We are an all-around racing team that race in or with the HoverQuad, Dragonfly, Nox, X1, Cyclones, as well as ships such as the Mustang, M50, Razor, 350R, and P-72, and soon the G12 and Ranger. Always looking for new Drivers and Crew to come race for us.


Team was founded by a group of friends looking to get into the racing community and just have fun.

Official first team race was the “2953 Greycat Social” with the Tumbril Cyclone RC. Team did not finish the race do to a collision, but did place 27th overall out of 72 teams.


Intentions are to become a Racing Team among the Star Citizen Racing Community.


Be friendly towards each other.