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Revenant Ember. Forged in light. Tempered in darkness.


The exact origins of the controversial PMC: “Revenant Ember” are unknown. However, it is widely accepted that the organisation was formed around 2946 by current CEO; UEE military veteran pilot Col. (Ret) Danic Elrick, together with other senior Revenant staff known to be former serving veterans of the now disbanded UEE SQ72 “Spectre Squadron”.

The 72nd Are known to have carved a name for themselves at the height of the conflict during the struggle against the Vanduul. The 72nd specialised in engaging the enemy in guerrilla style hit and run warfare seemingly appearing from nowhere to attack the enemy causing fear and confusion before vanishing again, earning themselves the title of “Spectre Squadron”.

To this day members of Revenant Ember still use Spectre designation flight handles when conducting official PMC duties; the most well known of these being Col. Elrick’s call-sign; “SPECTRE_01”

Controversially towards the end of the conflict, leaked information containing reports and statistics detailing collateral damage and civilian casualties attributed to Spectre Squadron’s questionable combat tactics saw widespread media release and condemnation. The resulting public outcry saw Spectre Squadron seemingly disbanded and dismissed, not appearing on any military records or ledgers from that point on. Former members of the unit are only now recently resurfacing in the public eye under the banner of Revenant Ember.

Unsubstantiated claims and rumours still persist to this day alleging that the unit was not in fact disbanded but began operating as a black ops squadron under the direct but deniable command of unknown senior UEE officials. This theory seems plausible given the considerable military hardware retained by members of Revenant Ember, foremost and most obvious being the capital ship of the Revenant fleet – the former UEE Military IDRIS class Frigate; the STYGIAN DAWN. No record of this ship ever being decommissioned exists, and the military has remained close-lipped as to why such a high powered military asset of considerable value is now in the hands of a private organisation without any record of transfer. This along with other rare military class vessels held by the organisation hint at the fact that Revenant Ember is still in some way affiliated with the UEE and likely performing high profile tasks for the military when plausible deniability is required.

Of late Revenant Ember exists less and less as a highly organised military unit as the ranks are filled now not only by ex-military personnel but also pilots and crew from other walks of life with varying levels of morality, all looking to make a living within the organisation. More often than not Revenant Ember is viewed by the populace as a collection of loosely affiliated individuals undertaking tasks for the highest bidder on both sides of the law. Among the praise and gratitude garnered by members of the organisation, scorn and disdain has been heaped on the company in equal amounts with accusations of smuggling and piracy being a regular occurrence. These accusations however have never been proven, with vanishing evidence and witnesses changing testimony being a common theme in these instances.

At this point in time Revenant Ember seem to exist in a grey area, with common accounts of Revenant members coming to the aid of UEE units and assisting to combat Vanduul incursions whilst also rumoured to be engaging in more nefarious and questionable activities .

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Every day our pilots, miners, explorers, mercenaries, engineers salvage crews and recovery teams ply their trade across the galaxy to advance our interests. As they labor, new solar systems, natural resources, industries, trade opportunities and technological advancements emerge and evolve before our eyes; even during this time of political and social instability. As the public look to the borders of our systems with fear and uncertainty during this time of conflict, we have taken it upon ourselves to constantly explore, expand and discover what lies beyond our current territories while at the same time ensuring our government recieves valuable support for the brave men and women protecting our systems from enemy incursion as well as protecting new and emerging colonies from the treat of unwarranted piracy.

At Revenant Ember we employ members in variety of professions each with unique and specialised skill sets, we trust the judgement and knowledge in their respective fields and this is why our affiliates are often given total autonomy in their work. We know that taking responsibility for something you are passionate about most often translates directly into more effective results, and profit.

No other organization in the universe matches Revenant Ember in the field of superior firepower and advanced armament. This is due in no small part to our close and long standing relationship with the UEE military. It is due to this relationship that Revenant Ember has access to some of the finest military hardware available to date. No other organisation can compete with The organisation when it comes to successful and discrete completion of sensitive military contracts. We also care about our affiliates, and it shows in the security and defense measures we apply. All interstellar trade runs into dangerous territory are guarded or piloted by trained military experts to ensure the health and safety of the crew and the cargo at any time.

We believe that successful companies are open, honest and accountable. However, we understand that in today’s climate the virtues once held dear to us all must sometimes be compromised for the greater good. It is with this knowledge that the organisation places trained corporate representatives and legal teams at the disposal of our members to resolve any conflicts before they escalate. While autonomy in choice of business opportunities is our first priority we urge our members to refrain from overt public acts when engaging in less than legal activities unless extenuating circumstances exist. The organisation strives to build the utmost trust in our customers, our contacts and our employees, one system at a time.

REVENANT EMBER. Tempered in darkness.


Career opportunities
During your employment with Revenant Ember Contracting you will be able to advance in rank and pay grade by working towards the goals and ideals of the organisation. Ranking officers will be given the opportunity to take command of capital ships or exercise control of management positions inside the organisation. We strongly believe that your efforts should be rewarded, either through pay, or the spoils of war. The organisation also recognises Owner-Captaincy and those pilots already established with ships and crew of their own who wish to operate under the umbrella of Revenant Ember are warmly welcomed and encouraged to keep command of their personal vessels.

By posting on the forums carrying the organisation banner, you show our presence and give us the opportunity to generate new contacts and leads for business opportunities.

Human resources
By recruiting new members to the organisation or creating sub divisions with your own staff, you enhance our capabilities and influence in the universe.

Once your hangar doors open, you will be able to participate in missions or group operations with other members of the organisation. You will be able to answer or issue requests in the organisation network yourself and other members of the company can participate and help you out.

Those members of highest rank will be put in charge of business operations and manage our assets, divisions or capital ships. By earning yourself and the organisation credits you enable us to buy new ships for recently promoted members or new assets for our numerous operations.

This system grants our members the utmost autonomy and flexibility in their business operations.