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Roberts Space Industries ®

Strategic OverKill / S0K

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  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting

A Corporation focusing on Deep Space Adventures and Discoveries as well as Providing Security and Trade out side of the United Earth Empire’s Control. A collection of Captain’s and Soldiers that get the job done out on the rim.


Corporation HandBook

The Company Kim-Tec grew it’s Vast Wealth from Exploring and Transporting goods around the Solar system. With the Request of others to Join them and Wander the Stars with Us

  • In 2223 Due to the loss of the 1st Colonization ship, KimTec in a Effort to guard and protect our ever expanding mass of Humanity not just from themselves but the Unknown, Using the moto “Flight with Might” Started making a name for them selfs as they gathered small contracts across the new Frontier for guarding convoys and transports. Creating Directors for each area of operation of the corp. The Directors of each division act as equal committee that votes on and have procedures to directing the companies affairs with it’s future direction is. Anyone is allowed to work there way up the ranks.

  • In 2271 the corp was escorting Nick Croshaw as he studied the Neso Triangle and was honored to see the 1st jump point found in human history. Utilizing this new found star system for escorting and running cargo supplying to the new colonies, turned out quite a large profit. KimTec gained it’s largest contract at the time, for the next century it would be escorting supplies for the new system to be terraformed.

  • In 2380 the Croshaw System was finally fully terraformed. KimTec joined the U.N.E. when it made a Mass Effort to set out and search for new jump points. As well as taking advantage of all the people who needed protection from pirates by escorting supply chains and exploration missions across the populated universe at that time.

  • In 2438 When humanly has 1st contact with the Banu. While Peace may have been Announced and most on both sides respected the Peace Treaty it was far from Peaceful. So the Focus Changed to a more Tactical and Military Minded Approach to Company affairs. Growing there fleet size and gaining a tactical edge in small skirmishes across the know universe. With such efficiency that the corp started to be recognized by the U.N.E. and even the Banu as a valuable asset to have assisting there fleets.

  • The OOPS “Organization Of Perfect Solutions” Battle School was Founded in 2500 in a Effort to Better prepare the Company for Possible Wars and bigger conflicts as Mankind Expanded and Ran into more Like themselves or Worse. Never Graduating from the OOPS Battle School it’s members are put through a ever increasing curriculum of Battle Strategy and Live Fire Exercises. Challenging it’s members skills and it’s Commanders Battle Tactics on Ground and in the Sky. A Chancellor was appointed for every area of interest the company operated in.

  • In 2541 Our Efforts were Put to the Test in some Large Skirmishes with the Tevarin. After Clearing out the the deeply entrenched Inhabitants in the DarVan system. Now called the UEE, it then paid KimTec to be part of the War Efforts working along side the Famous Squadron 42.

  • In 2603 The Tevarin come out of Hiding in a single effort to live on there Home Planet once again. Feeling Tricked to join Ivar Maser’s “Preemptive War” in the 1st place KimTec decided to fully OP out of the rest of the so called War.

  • When the Vanduul started raiding in 2681, KimTec was able to really establish them selfs as a Private Military Cooperation gaining contracts in the many shipping routes and Starting to Establish some of there Own. After seeing the strength of the Vanduul and there numbers, Expanding the Fleet size became a priority focusing not just on ships but a large maned military.

  • KimTec was Fully Overhauled and Strategic OverKill was founded In 2705. It was after the Famous Drakin’Tak Maneuverer where the Chancellor of Combat at that time Drakin’Tak was Trapped in a Pocket system by a large Pirate fleet. He decided to have placed Explosives on some mining drones. He had moved the drones into part of a large asteroid field and latched them onto muti large asteroids and turned off any of there major systems while having his fleet sink deep into the asteroid field looking like there taking cover. The Pirate’s after scanning and seeing the Derelict Drones consider them as something to ignore, as many miners will ditch broken worthless drones when a repair just isn’t possible. He then moved into the field after the Fleet. When the Pirate’s Flight Commander was about mid field the drone right in front of his squad was switched back on and detonated the large rock it was attached to, into shrapnel creating a wall of rock pushing towards the fleet. He called a full retreat and as the fleet turned around the 19 other drones blew there asteroids up engulfing the fleet in destruction. Having people think out of the box in both Offense and Defense as to there applied strategy and be ready for the unexpected is now very ingrained into the battle school. This brought a Spot light onto a already Famous Carrier record and Drakin’Tak was Made the 1st Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Military Corporation.

  • Draskin’Tak decided to start Expanding the OOPS School in 2718 to include a Exploration Division and start to Push Out ever further into the Unknown reaches of the Depths of Space. With in a few years the Division Starting sending out deep space Expeditions that would spend a year or more Exploring Uncharted space, finding many new jump points.

  • In 2792 The Company Discovers a planet that could be terraformed, naming it Garron II. After selling the world to a Large Terra-forming Company and as well as protecting there assists and convoys Strategical OverKill ending up making a very large Profit, the company Saw this as a opportunity to invest for the Companies Future. The corporation took 75% of the profit and put it into R.S.I. for a Very Long Term investment. The Long Term Return was to start a fleet fund.

  • In 2820 the 1st Bengal-class Carrier was discovered in dead space by a private corporation. The U.E.E. Was not able to stop it from staying in private hands once it was repaired. Strategic OverKill’s Secretary of War decided to expand the OOPS!! Exploration Division and Purchased it’s 1st Freelancer DUR and started to crew it 24/7 looking for our own Carrier in the depths of space. From this year on Exploration became a Strong focus of the Corp. Forging trade routes and finding new jump points ever Expanding the Known Universe.

  • For Long-Term Deep Space Exploration, the Exploration Division decided in 2945 that a brand new Carrack would be perfectly suited for the Company in it’s mass Exploration Efforts. It was decided unanimously by all the Directors that in this new Era of expansion a New Chief Executive Officer needs to be appointed over the Corp and the First person to hold this title would be Krogith. The Empire may be Starting to flux and many seem to be joining us in the Stars so the corporation also decided it necessary that the Security and Bounty Hunting division needed a larger fleet as well. So a number of Vanguards, Sabers, Super Hornets, Retaliators and a few Starfarer G’s for deep space deployment and fueling large armed transport fleets.


Strategic OverKill’s intention is to have a good Reputation and to be well known throughout the verse!

Company Motto
“Flight with Might”

Leaders Mission
“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” Lao Tzu

Company Mission Statement
Our mission is to simply build a fun and rewarding gaming experience for every member. Strategic OverKill Was Founded by a Group of Friends that played for years together in Eve Online. It’s built upon a foundation of trust and respect, while embracing creative and innovative ideas of our members allowing anyone to work there way up the ranks. We promote flexibility to move among divisions, while fostering responsibility in terms of mutual support. No one surrenders & No one gets left behind. *We will be supporting Hardcore players but There is No Kind of Play Time Requirement. If your a Casual Player your more than Welcome to join. There will be many ways to enjoy the Star Citizen Universe and we expect our members will want to fully enjoy that freedom of choice. We would like to get to the point where we can find it, guard it, extract/repair/salvage it and ship it to sale all ourselves.

Core Business
- Exploration Division Searching for New Riches, Trade routes and Trouble
- Security Operations Department
- Cargo Hauling & Protection Division
- Ground troop Mercenary Deployment and Infiltration
- Bounty hunting Division
- Mercantile Division

Support Business
- Convoy Escort Department
- Refueling Operations Department
- Ship Maintenance Department
- Resource Gathering Department
- Passenger Transport Division

Company Strategic Plan
- Expand the OOPS!! Battle Flight School and Combat Training Program Having Training OP’s Weekly
- Develop Top-notch Workforce
- Build Efficient Supply Chain Capability
- Broaden Company Services or Activities
- Build up a Strong Bond with our Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
- Expand Fleet Size and Operating Divisions
- Find and be able to man a Carrier with Full Fleet support

Career Opportunities
Above are the company operating divisions that represent the interests of players who wish to partake in a given aspect of Star Citizen. You’re free to participate in as many divisions as you wish, and at any commitment level. There are no restrictions placed on joining a given division. As you work towards the goals of the company, it will give you the opportunity to take control of management positions and command capital ships. We strongly believe your efforts should be rewarded. Refer to our Company HandBook for any additional information.

These members are put in charge of operations and manage corporate assets and divisions. Most have managed Corps and guilds Before in other games and are committed to Star Citizen Now. Anyone Can Move up the Ranks and become a Director!

As a member of the company, you will be able to participate in missions and other activities with other members while honing your skills in your chosen profession(s). This company will strive on building teamwork. Ultimately, we are here to provide a framework where individuals (and the company) can attain success and acclaim in Star Citizen by working together to achieve a common goal. We will have weekly fleet ops and daily keep striving towards our current Corporations Goals.

By posting on the forums carrying the company banner, you show our presence and give us the opportunity to generate new contacts and business opportunities. As well as the dedicated officers who have this role.

Human Resources
We have Directors that help newer members get adjusted and help with internal member issues. A Individual skill can always be developed where as a person’s character is not so easily improved. Mutuality is asked of everyone, We Understand people have Families and Kids around the house and Ask everyone to keep that in mind when talking to fellow members on Coms. All members are encouraged to invite friends to the organization. By recruiting new members, you enhance our capabilities and influence in the ‘Verse.

Join the Company
It’s very simple– we don’t require anything from you to join Strategic OverKill. This is truly s place you can call home and where you can grow and have fun with your friends and make more. We have a Very Dedicated Player base who will be playing this game for many Years and Love to Help and get to know new players.. If you have any plans or goals just let us know because your part of a team. Were going help everyone get into what they really wanna do in game. We do own those ships so you can be part of a crew to if you wish. Well be exploring a lot and finding our niche in the galaxy but that doesn’t mean thats all were going do. If you have any concerns or ideas feel free to share em all our members are important to us and we want to help them be productive and happy.


Company Core Values
- Treat members with respect
- We act as a team and play to win and help each other in our common goals
- Don’t lie, cheat, or steal from other members
- We are not Strictly an RP org, We are RP friendly
- Constantly striving for high customer satisfaction
- Respect company leadership and appointed officers

Organization Commitment
We’re adult gamers who understand that real life must always come first. We don’t require you to put in a set amount of hours per week and we don’t have mandatory log-on times, we just provide the environment to allow growth and are here to cater to your needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and drama-free environment for all of our members.

Nationality / Timezone
Players from all nations and time zones are welcome!

Communication Information
We have a dedicated TeamSpeak3 server for the members of Strategic OverKill. Come have a chat and get to know the group.


On 10/26/2015 Got our Corp Web-Page and Forum Up Running Thanks to Big_Ant