Roberts Space Industries

Silver Sun Frontier Associates / S2FA

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  • Freelancing
  • Smuggling

A Silver Sun won’t set until the job is done.


Founded nearly 80 years ago, My Grandfather, and later my father built this company from a single Reclaimer Salvage operation and sometimes aid smuggling operation and turned it into the name and brand we all know and trust today. Living on the fringes doesn’t mean living outside of the scope of the luxuries and opportunities that the core systems take for granted. Let us help you, as my father always said: “A Silver Sun never sets until the job is done.”


We know that life isn’t easy on the frontier. But who thinks you have to sacrifice just to find a new life, a better life, so far from the protection of the core systems? Silver Sun Frontier Associates doesn’t and we’re here to work FOR YOU! From the smallest delivery to a long term, large scale mining operation, Silver Suns will strive to be your efficient, reliable, and affordable solution for surviving on the fringes.

Personnel/Cargo transport
Mining Operations
Search and Rescue
Security and Bounty Hunting
Survey and Exploration

We have a highly trained and dedicated team at your disposal, whatever your needs. From the smallest package to the largest operation, we’ll find a pirce that’s right for you! And remember, A Silver Sun never sets until the job is done!


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