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Sgarrista Air Brigade / SAB

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Integrity • Sportsmanship • Skills
Sgarrista Air Brigade was founded on July 7, 2009 on the Touch Arcade forums while playing Revo’s jet combat flight sim F. A.S.T. Since then we have continued our presence in the Revoverse, playing each successive Revo game. See you in the skies!


SAB Citizen’s beginning

Sgarrista Air Brigade was a peaceful squad of pilots born in 2839. Helping people all around the Earth since the very beginning, SAB has quick become a well-known organization with an excellent reputation of funny gentlemen with strong and good values. They were very useful to the center Africa’s big earthquake in 2864, help the UEE forces in Asiatica civil war in 2872, they were indispensable in the fight against the 2889 great fire of Brazil and many more.
Everything went good until 2909 when Origin Jumpworks had acquired Apple, a well-known company for their work in computers, sofware, design and AI. Origin wanted to integrate their AI and design expertizes into their ship. All the SAB’s communication system was based on the Apple products. When Apple went down, SAB became disorganized without any infrastructure available for their comm system. Making the whole organisation weaker. The threat of an outside attack became oviously important. Things were just about to get worse.

The Apple revolution

After the fusion of Apple into Origin, a group of hard-core fans of Apple started a revolutionary ideological movement called “True Apple Fans” (TAF) who claim the restoration of Apple as it was. Without any response from Origin, TAF began to buy weapons from pirate organizations. After the Origin’s move to New Austin in 2913, TAF took a few numbers of Origin’s warehouses to take over the Apple technology with an impressive militia. From that point, the UEE declared them terrorism. Their anwser was terrible. They took thousands of people who still use Apple products held hostage. TAF kept them and went to a unknown location far into another system. Rumors said they are hidden into a giant astoroid into the Virtus Belt Beta, the outer asteroid belt in the Virtus system. Unfortunatly, this was never confirmed and they were never found. The hostage are still with the TAF since this time. Some rumors says that TAF use them as slaves to build their base.
SAB members was part of the hostage. A few lucky SABies escaped from the hands of TAF during their headquarter’s attack.

SAB Now and Then

Since this time, wandering in the galaxy seeking for other lost members, SABies are trying to rebuild this amazing group of true friend. Finding one from time to time, hope is still there. The main purpose of the squad now is accumulate a lot of resources and to find other Citizens enough respectable to make SAB strong again and free all the hostage and find lost friends. Helping anyone they can, the best they can do, on the way to a new home.

Facebook Public page

Youtube Channel


Core Values
Integrity, sportsmanship, skill.

Every squad member must have integrity, sportsmanship, skill to be a part of the Sgarrista Air Brigade!

Integrity is the code of honor that won’t allow you to do certain things that would debase yourself or the Squadron.

Sportsmanship is the belief in fairness, self-control, courage and persistence whilst maintaining respect for both authority and opponents.

Skill is competent excellence in performance.

These are the SAB Core Values.

So next time you see a SAB pilot in the sky, don’t just think it’s all about the kills he’s taken or the ace points he’s collected. Instead think of his squadrons’ motto and that skill will mean less to him than integrity and sportsmanship.

Milita and Spec Ops Training Division: Own your skills while respecting the ROE (Rules of Engagement).
If you need help, we will be ready!


[Sgarrista Air Brigade]

Integrity, Sportsmanship, Skills.

A SAB is sworn to valour,
His heart knows only virtue,
His weapons defends the helpless,
His ship upholds the weak,
His word speaks only truth,
His wrath undoes the wicked.

Rules of Engagement

1. Human being first. Whatever the situation a SAB is facing, his/her ultimate choice in a conflict is to help and protect humans. Whatever the human’s lifestyle. Pirate or not, every human have the right to live unless proven untrustworthy.

2. UEE priority. SAB don’t want any issue with authorities. We will help the UEE against the Vanduul as often as we can. Piracy is not an option for a SAB.

3. Never shoot first. Whoever or whatever the encounter, never open fire or lock missile first unless told otherwise.

Solo Gameplay
  • Always ask what are the intentions before doing anything else. If no answer was received, trying to communicate in any another way. Radio, chat, lights, etc. No answer doesn’t necessarily means hostile behaviour. Comms issues can be involved.
  • Fire only when fired upon. If possible, always precise the friendly intentions until it the contrary is obviously clear.
  • If the target has shown hostile intentions, you are free to engage.
Fleet Gameplay
  • Only the Fleet commander can provide a shoot order if he has good reasons to believe that the target has hostiles intentions. If this happens, the Fleet commander will debrief the team on the clues that tipped him off.
    If allied groups provide good proof of hostile intentions, the fleet commander could use this information for declare a target to have hostile intentions, as long as he shares the info with the team after the fight during debrief.
  • A fleet commander that has given a shoot order without proof cannot be fleet commander for an X amount of time.

4. SAB helps. A SAB will always help anyone who needs it. Not only in our team but everyone. Depending on the danger level, a SAB member or fleet commander can ask for payment that matches the level of danger and that will compensate for expenses and insurance fees.

5. Respect alliances. A SAB will always respect the great Treaties made by the UEE with other races like Banu and Xi’an. We have a lot to learn from those cultures.

6. Respect the law. Where ever the system, there is some laws made by the authorities in place. UEE or others.

  • a) If a SAB is in an independent system, he must stay neutral as possible.
  • b) Piracy against a pirate is not piracy.
  • c) A list of known pirate organisation will be provided.
  • d) A group of hostile can be declared ‘‘shoot to kill’‘ if it was known to attack a helping SAB members. This list will be provided to you when the mecanic of the universe will support it.

Fleet Commander Election

  • At every event, a Fleet Commander (FC) will be elected democratically into the participating members at this very moment.
  • Every event can have a different FC.
  • A SAB will propose another SAB to be the FC. Everyone vote for him/her to become the event’s FC. Majority = 50% +1 member.
  • A SAB cannot be proposed to become the FC if he didn’t had followed the ROE (Rules of Engagement) or if he gets Crime Stats on him at that moment.
  • If the majority is not reached, the process start over again with another SAB.
  • A SAB cannot be a candidate twice for the same event. Once his/her vote is done, it’s done.
  • A vote is only on one SAB at the time. No SAB against SAB election. We don’t want any conflict or politics.
  • Once a Fleet Commander is chosen, he’s the only one who can give orders. He becomes the authority for the event.
  • The Fleet Commander can delegate an acting FC in the case he have to leave.
  • The Fleet Commander can be someone else than the biggest ship’s Captain.

Capital ship’s Captain

• A Captain of a large ship has full authority on his own ship and on his crew.
• Due to the high cost of his ship, a Captain has a veto on the implication of his ship into a planed Battle. He can require a compensation of all implicated members in case of a loss. This agreement should be taken before the event and everyone should be agreed.


We are very selective in our recruiting process. We don’t want to be the biggest org in the verse. We are a group of true friends who support each other in game and IRL. So we always seek for people who share our values.
Every Citizen who wants to be a SAB has to pass through many steps.

  1. Contact us through Spectrum, our Facebook public page or a SAB directly in game.
  2. If a Citizen seems to fit with us, he will be allowed to be on our Facebook page SAB’s Friends & Family. For a few weeks, he only has to be active on this page, make some posts for all SAB know him/her.
  3. After this period of time, a vote will be taken to know if him/her would be accepted as a Cadet. Sgarrista Air Brigade is a democratic organisation. Every single member passed through a vote and the positive result should be unanimous.
  4. Once the pole done, the new Cadet has to complete the CADET TRAINING PROGRAM. A three weeks intense training process done into Arena Commander. This program will test the new Cadet’s skills, patience and humility.
  5. Then, the Cadet only turn into a full SAB and, from this moment, is considered equal as all others members. He/she can recruit, vote and give his/her opinion and being listened without any hierarchic or discrimination form.