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Roberts Space Industries ®

Safe Corp / SAFEIND

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Security

Welcome to Safe Corp official Spectrum channel.


Our ancestors gave us the stars and a new chance to create history. We learned from pioneers that space is not about luck but safety.

We secure and transport your goods in the verse.
We secure events and vips.

Be safe. Anytime. Anywhere.


Safe Corp is here to connect and act as a hub for players. We want Safe Corp to be a reference in quality and safety.


1. Respect Safe Corp and other players.

2. Serve and protect goods and Safe Corp ships/members.

3. Do not block Safe Corp projects/missions.

3. Do not steal products or members content.

4. Do not act as a scammer.

4. Do not be a part of a blacklisted organization.